Get Ready for New Fisker Website and Mobile Apps

New Fisker website and mobile apps are planned to be released as soon as today and we are expecting some major improvements.

Fisker Ocean from Studio Photoshoot.

Today, Fisker is planning to go live with a new version of their website and mobile apps. You’re probably wondering when the updates will be released. The company said they planned to go live with a new version of their web and Fisker Flexee iOS app on Thursday, March 2nd. That would be today, but we haven’t seen any updates yet! Furthermore, Fisker said they would drop an app update for Android customers on March 16th. As of this evening, Fisker’s website is now showing Under Maintenance, “Sorry, we are down for scheduled maintenance right now.”

The web and mobile apps will have many new customer benefits. Firstly, we should see a new My Fisker account profile management hub. This will allow customers to manage reservations and orders. Secondly, we will see a new Fisker Ocean ordering process. This should include a new price estimator with delivery trade-in and Fisker financing options. Lastly, an enhanced 3D configurator with the most up-to-date product information, packages, options, and accessories.

We’re expecting some major improvements across the board. According to the company, “The new Fisker web and [mobile apps] are improved for a seamless and intuitive way to explore and own a Fisker EV.” Fisker has released many updates over the past year. However, these improvements were personally architected by Dr. Geeta Gupta-Fisker, Co-Founder, COO & CFO, and in-house teams. This includes a seamless collaboration among Fisker marketing, finance, and IT teams.

Fisker Wants Our Feedback

This sounds like a pretty big app update with all the new features expected. We’ll keep checking the company’s website and iOS app for any updates. Fisker is looking forward to receive customer feedback and we can’t wait to give it! We look forward to reviewing the new and improved customer experience. We’ll post our initial thoughts in this Fiskerati Forums thread. Please feel free to share your feedback with us and we will try to include it in a follow up article.

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10 thoughts on “Get Ready for New Fisker Website and Mobile Apps

  1. So is this why when i received the email today “It’s time to design your Fisker Ocean” that it would not allow me to change anything ? It still had a very old version saved, from before the options i chose were priced. A couple months ago i used the “new” configurator with the new pricing for the options to design a new one. That one wasn’t showing up. Is this another new configurator ?

  2. To continue on this this, as I stated before I have a Sport on order and I just received from Fisker @11am a (It’s time to configure your Fisker and confirm your order).

    I don’t know if anyone else with lower models reserved has gotten this, but I didn’t expect to receive something like this for months. This could be something that has been sent to everyone an not specific to a reservation date/number.

  3. Absolutely horrendous roll-out of the new site, while simultaneously sending thousands of confusing emails to reservation holders. Concerning to say the least.

  4. This is a bit jarring. The website does not allow cancellation of reservation, which many of us made thinking the $7500 discount would come out of early reservation. The best way for a company to earn trust with customers is to make them comfortable and be open about everything. The new web rollout is confusing at best and creates an illusion of “something important will be coming your way tomorrow”. With tough times ahead priorities change. People must be allowed to get a refund if they want to buy something less expensive.

    1. Yeah, only version 2.4.3 is available at the moment on the Apple App Store. Sigh! Maybe Fisker will release both the iOS and Android app at the same time now on March 16th? Makes sense to coordinate the release of the mobile apps.

What are your thoughts?