Fisker Website Traffic Up Big in Past 90 Days Compared to Peers

Fisker Ocean Driving California Coast

Fisker website traffic rises big over the past 90 days, Tesla’s up modestly, while Lucid Motors and Rivian’s traffic plummets.

Gas prices are on the rise. AAA national average gas price are $4.25 as of today, off from the high of $3.33 on 3/11/2022. You would think website traffic would be on the rise for all company’s that sell electric vehicles. However, that is not the case for all EV manufacturers. We pulled website traffic rank from for Fisker, Tesla, Lucid Motors, and Rivian. The traffic rank for all four websites over the past 90 days is staggering.

Fisker Website Traffic Rank

Global website rank for Fisker is #56,360 out of all websites on the internet. For perspective, Google’s traffic rank is #1 the most popular site in the internet. The Fisker site improved by 42.3k positions almost double in the past 90 days. For example, the chart below shows the massive jump in Fisker’s website traffic since end of December 2021. Fisker’s website traffic outperformed all other peers. On a country by country basis, the Fisker website ranks #18,576 in the USA, #7,520 in Norway, and #53,915 in the UK. Fisker offers the Ocean Sport starting at $37,499 (excluding government tax incentives) with a range of 250 miles per charge. This is one of the reasons we see reservations at Fisker on the rise.

Tesla Website Traffic Rank

Tesla’s global traffic rank is at #1,195 up about 10% over the past 3-months. It’s harder to move up in traffic rank when your website nears the Alexa top 1,000. Currently, Tesla is the king of electric vehicles and their website traffic shows it. Last week, Tesla hiked prices for the Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3. The price increases are partly due to inflation, but also because of demand for electric vehicles. This bodes well for Fisker and others in the EV space. The price of the least expensive Tesla is the standard range Model 3 at $46,990 with an estimated range of 267 miles per charge.

Lucid Motors Website Traffic Rank

90 days ago, Lucid Motors had a traffic rank of #18,842. Now, the rank is 32,008 down 13.1k in 90 days. The chart below shows the declining beginning at the end of January 2022. Lucid Motors least expensive electric vehicle is the Air Pure starting at $77,400 with an estimated range of 406 miles per battery charge. Lucid Motors has been having a lot of issues as of late. The company recently slashed 2022 EV production numbers at the end of February citing problems with glass and carpet.

Rivian Website Traffic Rank

Like Lucid Motors, Rivian has seen its traffic rank collapse in the past 90 days. 3-months ago traffic rank was #13,300 and now it is #22,184. At the beginning of March, the company announced price increases for all customers including reservation holders. This made reservation holders angry and the company reversed price increases. This has hurt their business as you can see in the traffic to their website. Rivian’s least expensive electric vehicle is the RT1 starting at $67,500 with a range of 260 miles per charge.

In conclusion, Fisker has made the most progress as far as getting customers to visit its website. While traffic rank isn’t as high as its peers, it offers the most cost effective electric vehicle amongst them. A big distinction between each of these companies, Fisker is currently in pre-production while the others are in production. That will change in November 2022 when Magna, Fisker’s contract manufacturing partner, starts production. Overall, this is good news for Fisker shareholders and reservation numbers. It’s also good news for the industry, a transition to electric vehicles, and a clean future for all.

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