Weekly Metrics for Fisker Website and Flexee Apps (Week 13)

Fisker Ocean

Fisker website and Fisker Flexee Android and iOS apps hold steady since we last checked in two-weeks ago.

The last time we looked at App Metrics was two weeks ago. This week we will take a quick look at the Fisker’s website, Fisker Flexee Android and iOS apps. Our prediction is traffic to website and apps begin to rise as we move into Summer and the Ocean One bookings begin.

Fisker website more or less flat

The Fisker website is leveling off down 1,940 positions from two-weeks ago where it had a global rank of #56,621. The app has make a remarkable move though all things considered from just 90 days ago. As of today, the Fisker website holds a global rank of #58,561 of all websites on the internet.

Fisker Alexa Site Ranking

Google Play App Ranking – Fisker Flexee

Two weeks ago the Google Play app was ranked in the Top 500 and Top 1,000 for 6 countries (Norway, Denmark, Canada, United States, Germany, United Kingdom). This week the app gained a new Top 500 spot with Austria and still holds strong for the other six countries from two weeks ago.

Apple App Store Rank – Fisker Flexee

This week on the Apple App Store the Fisker Flexee App ranked in the Top 500 for one country. Last time it was ranked in the Top 500 for three countries including Ghana, Norway, and Denmark. The app still has traction in Denmark (293), but two weeks ago it was ranked at 272.

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