Fisker Shares Company’s Leadership Principles

Fisker's Vision, Mission, Leadership Principles

Fisker’s leadership principles may help attract the best and brightest talent to work in its rigorous and rewarding culture.

Fisker is growing at a rapid pace. The company currently employs 450 people and is on a hiring spree. Headcount growth is at 40% year-to-date. The company will continue to grow throughout the rest of the year with over $1 billion cash in the bank. It needs more people to manage the expanding Fisker EV lineup and segment leading features. As of today, there are 162 openings on Fisker’s job board.

Fisker’s Vision, Mission, and Culture

Henrik shared a graphic with us of the company’s Vision, Mission, and Culture. Fisker proudly displays its vision and mission on their website. However, Fisker lacks information about its company culture. Its virtually nonexistent on the company’s site and even career channels. For instance, the culture was nowhere to be found until a social media post by Henrik last week.

Fisker’s VisionFisker’s Mission
A clean future for all.Create the world’s most emotional and sustainable vehicles.

Typically, prospective candidates want to explore company culture before applying to a job. Sharing what makes up the rigorous culture sounds small. However, promoting the culture, or “Leadership Principles,” may help the company attract the best and brightest talent like it has for Amazon.

Amazon’s Leadership Principles

Maybe Fisker could take a page from the Amazon playbook around hiring. Amazon has publicly embraced its Leadership Principles. It uses them to help attract candidates across all of their career channels. Nobody has done it better than Amazon. Amazon’s Leadership Principles help them maintain the “Day 1” mentality to guide their behaviors, decisions, and ideas.

As a whole, Amazon employees live and die by the company’s Leadership Principles. It fosters a culture that empowers employees to move fast and make decisions on their own. It’s a part of the hiring process, day-to-day decision making framework, and employees are regularly measured by them. Amazon has a lot of content around their Leadership Principles floating around its career channels. And it helps create awareness.

Fisker’s Leadership Principles

What is it like to work at Fisker? No, what is it really like to work there? Many of us ask this very question. Fisker could do better at spreading the message around its “culture” to promote career opportunities at the company. The Fisker job boards and career channels could use a lot more content around its decision making framework. Show what fosters the culture they want employees to embrace.

According to Fisker, their culture is rooted by 11 Leadership Principles. Some of these Leadership Principles overlap with that of Amazon. For example, Customer Obsession, Invent and Simplify, Are Right A Lot, Insist on the Highest Standards, Think Big, Frugality, Earn Trust, and Deliver Results.

Fisker’s Leadership Principles:

  • Product Obsession.
  • We make the most desired cars in the world.
  • Honesty in our work quality.
  • Work ethically within Fisker and outside Fisker.
  • Acknowledge your mistakes, correct and move on.
  • Do not sacrifice the quality of your work.
  • Be disruptive.
  • Voice your idea/innovation.
  • Employees are the ultimate shareholders.
  • Be result oriented.
  • Conserve Fisker capital.

Rewarding employees

Working at a fast pace startup like Fisker is not for everyone. It takes a certain kind of person. It can be grueling. However, it can also be a rewarding experience. Working with the best and brightest talent is the most rewarding thing beyond pay, bonuses, or stock incentives. It challenges you to be your best self. It allows you to tackle and solve tough problems. That is the most gratifying part of the startup experience.

Additionally, making an impact in an exciting space is also quite rewarding in of itself. Think about it in terms of Fisker. Creating the world’s most emotional and sustainable vehicles. And, all while helping build a clean future for all. That sounds like pretty impactful work. Couple this together with a solid decision making framework and smart people. You have a recipe to attract and hire some of the best talent out there.

On top of that, Fisker does offer competitive pay and grants stock options and/or restricted stock units (RSUs) to their employees. This is part of the compensation package. Having ownership in the company aligns everyone to deliver results. It helps employees have a shared interest in the company. Essentially, equity incentives create a desire among employees to build a company that will outlast its founders. This is icing on top of the cake at Fisker.

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  1. Henrik Fisker is a true visionary. I met him 5 yrs. or so in Irvine. I loved his red convertible. He disappeared. Like the hula hoop–first to corner the market, first to monopolize the market. Ford & GM will grind Fisker to death.Carpe diem. Morituri te salutamus, Caesare!! He has set his sights too low. He needs to market 2 million units in 2022-2023. I would like to meet him in person again. Set up 12 assembly plants with Magna and one in South America. More to come.

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