Fisker PEAR: New Images Reveal Exterior Design

Fisker releases new images of the Fisker PEAR and it gives us the best view of the exterior design we’ve ever seen.

Fisker PEAR Rendering.

Today, during Fisker’s Q4 2022 earrings release, the company revealed some new images of the Fisker PEAR. The Fisker PEAR is quite impressive from everything that we’ve seen so far.These images happening to be the best view of the exterior we’ve ever seen. The PEAR urban mobility device looks absolutely stunning when you strip away the camouflage wrap.

The urban mobility device with its innovative features will start production in the second half of 2024. At peak production, the Foxconn factory in Lordstown will produce 250,000 units/year. The Fisker PEAR is priced at $29,900 before government tax incentives. Currently, Fisker has more than 5,600 reservations for this EV model.

In December of last year, we saw the Fisker PEAR rolling down the road in the 9 second video clip filmed on the newly built 6th Street Viaduct bridge in Los Angeles. At approximately 9:30am Pacific time, a green camouflaged Fisker PEAR electric vehicle drove over the bridge. The electric vehicle keeps getting better as more and more of its design is revealed.

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3 thoughts on “Fisker PEAR: New Images Reveal Exterior Design

  1. And yet you don’t link or show any of these images in your article… you just make a brief mention of new images and then start talking about old ones? What is this nothing burger of an article lol.

  2. I just don’t get these designs with such limited view rear side windows. Ocean and Pear. It’s a bad design trend, period. And Fisker is far from alone. My Outback is what it is in the grand scheme, but rear visibility is second it none. A little more glass and a little less metal back there sacrifices nothing.

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