Fisker Now Accepting PEAR Reservations

Today, Fisker announced it will begin taking reservations for its second EV, the PEAR. Pear stands for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution. It will be a compact, five-passenger crossover slotting below the Ocean in Fisker’s lineup with a starting price of $29,900 in the US before taxes and incentives.

Building on its mission of sustainability, just like the Fisker Ocean, the PEAR will be a zero-emissions vehicle using recycled materials throughout. According to the company, the five-passenger all-electric vehicle will have intuitive controls, sporty driving, clever storage, and a focus on industry firsts. The agile urban EV will start deliveries in 2024. The PEAR will be built by Apple manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group as the company partnered with Fisker last year in a move to get into the automotive industry with a second serving of fruit.

The Fisker PEAR design by Henrik Fisker

The company made the announcement on Twitter earlier this morning with little visuals. Fisker opened up reservations on its site with not many photos unlike they had for the Fisker Ocean. This is likely due to keep details a secret, something Henrik Fisker is known for over the past year as he doesn’t want to give anything to competitors, which is respectable. However, most consumers will need more visuals and details before putting down $250 to hold a spot until the start of production in 2024. That means you, the consumer, will have to have a little vision. If the car is anything like the Fisker Ocean, the PEAR is going to be incredible and worth getting in line with a reservation today.

Customers can reserve the PEAR with a $250 deposit. We’ve reserved our PEAR this morning. Join us in building a more sustainable future by reserving yours today!

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