Will Fisker Ocean Come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Fisker Ocean Software User Interface on 17.1" Display

Henrik Fisker fuels speculation that the Fisker Ocean will come with Apple CarPlay and some people are pretty excited.

Henrik Fisker confirms Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in a round about way.

Today, people are talking about whether or not Fisker Ocean will come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Last night and earlier today, Henrik went to Instagram to post about the company’s full ESG report. Fisker will be publishing it for the first time in August after the company’s earnings call. Henrik also said, “the Fisker Ocean uses more than 100 pounds of recycled and biodegradable materials.” Among the ESG hashtags, Henrik included “#applecarplay”.

Henrik fueled more speculation about whether or not the Fisker Ocean will support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Henrik did this last month when he said the 17.1″ display user interface would be ready in October. There was no reason for Henrik to include the hashtag “#applecarplay” in his post.

It is strange that Henrik included this hashtag. He even edited his post and kept the hashtag. We can confirm this was not a mistake. Today, he even replied to a couple people in the comments including @AppleCarPlay in the reply. When asked about Android Auto he said, “You will be pleasantly surprised. We have a lot of Android developers.”

It appears that the Fisker Ocean will support Apple CarPlay. There is also some good news for fans of Android Auto. Earlier this week, a link to a job posting appeared in Fiskerati Forums for an Android Developer that specializes in Android Auto. If Apple CarPlay is in the cards, it is likely Android Auto will also be available in Fisker Ocean.

While these type of features aren’t a deal breaker for us, some people have gotten accustomed to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto over the years. And don’t forget about Sirius Radio. Some people are still wondering if it will be supported in Fisker Ocean. What are your thoughts about Fisker Ocean supporting Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Sirius Radio? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Will Fisker Ocean Come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

  1. I am really interested in the Fisker Ocean. Android Auto will be important to my purchase decision. My home is linked to Google via Android Auto. I hope it will be available..

  2. I will most likely buy if features like wireless connection to Apple CarPlay and other features now in many other cars are available. Without them, will continue waiting for the right electric car.

  3. Sean,

    Thanks again for setting up this forum on all things Fisker.

    I am a reservation holder for a Fisker Ocean One. To date, I have been unable to definitively confirm whether or not the Fisker Ocean One will support Apple CarPlay (either hard wired or wireless). I also find it strange that we can’t seem to receive clear feedback from Fisker on something that most everyone wants and most modern competing cars have.

What are your thoughts?