Why I Pre-Ordered My Fisker Ocean One

Fisker Ocean One

Here is the honest truth why I pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One and believe deep down this will resonate with many of our readers.

Fisker Ocean Los Angeles Auto Show-7
Fisker Ocean Extreme.

You may be wondering why I pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One or in general why anyone would pre-order the launch edition. For everyone, the decision is different.

I know why I pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One and I’m happy to share with you the reasons. There are actually three main reasons why I made the plunge as opposed to waiting for the Extreme.

None of the reasons had to do with the flashy marketing either. That stuff is fun to see and it helps sell stuff for some people, but the reason why I pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One goes much deeper than that. Also, my reasons for pre-ordering are different than why I reserved the Fisker Ocean back in September 2020.

Vision and mission

Fisker Ocean on Hwy 101 with Catalina Island in background
Pacific Ocean in the background as the Fisker Ocean drives along Hwy 101 in California.

Firstly, in our day and age, we have a lot of choices as consumers. As I’ve gotten older in life, I’ve begun to consciously make an effort to support brands that align with my personal values.

There are less brands than the number of fingers on my hands where I can say I feel a strong connection to the company. That is especially true in the electric vehicle space. There is only one company that aligns and makes a strong connection with my belief system.

When I read Fisker’s vision and mission statement, something resonated with me internally. Fisker’s vision is a clean future for all. And their mission is to create the world’s most emotional and sustainable vehicles. After learning this, I researched what Fisker was doing around sustainability. Immediately, I had a strong connection to the company. I love the Fisker Ocean and what it represents. It is one of the reasons why I started writing articles about Fisker.

There aren’t too many brands where I share a similar connection with the company’s vision and mission. For example, I feel the same connection with Nike and Apple. I have a strong connection to both of these companies whose products I use every day. That’s how I envision Fisker and the Fisker Ocean One. Something I will use daily and feel proud doing so. I wish I had the product yesterday. This is one reason why I pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One as opposed to waiting for the Ocean Extreme.

Being a part of something bigger than myself

Made with Up-cycled T-Shirts
The way something is made matters.

Secondly, I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. This second reason aligns very much with the first reason. Being a relatively new dad, I try to find more different ways that I can personally make a difference for future generations.

I’ve gained this perspective by watching my daughter grow up and seeing her experience our world. We only have one planet and there are a lot of ways to make a difference.

We can all do our part each day, including reducing, reusing and recycling. However, sometimes the simplest things aren’t enough.

After Fisker reaffirmed its commitment to people and planet earlier this year, I wanted to do everything I could to help support the company. Fisker has a goal to create a carbon neutral electric vehicle by 2027. And it is a lofty goal. If Fisker is successful, the company will have a major impact on our planet in a positive way.

To help the company achieve this goal means I need to do my part. I need to open up and vote with my wallet. I want to back a company who may go on to transform an industry reshaping the way modern day vehicles are designed and produced with an emphasis on taking care of Mother Earth. For me, the Ocean One is a way for me to be a part of this journey from day one.

Supporting the entrepreneur

Henrik Fisker standing beside the Fisker Ocean
Henrik Fisker standing beside the Fisker Ocean.

Thirdly, everyone loves a comeback story. That alone is enough reason to support Henrik Fisker and his newest company. However, for me it goes deeper than that.

You need to be an entrepreneur to understand. There are a lot of critics out there and very few of them have actually walked a mile in the shoes of an entrepreneur. We happened to call out one of those critics yesterday.

Sparing you with all of the details, I get to watch Fisker through a lens as an entrepreneur. Yes, I’ve worked for big companies before, but I’ve also started a handful of businesses throughout my lifetime. I’ve been a part of successful startups and failures where we fought like hell to make succeed. Some worked out, and others did not.

That said, I’ve been watching Henrik Fisker closely since investing in Fisker shares back in September 2020. I don’t like everything I see, but for the most part the man is remarkable. There is nothing more exciting that rooting for a Founding CEO. Especially someone who is in the pursuit of a mission and vision you strongly believe in. That is why I backed the company with my Fisker Ocean One pre-order to help them sell out of their launch edition.

Summing it up

Everyone has different reasons why they will or won’t pre-order the Fisker Ocean One. For some people, the reasons for pre-ordering the Ocean One come down to design, features, and specifications. Some people won’t pre-order because of the non-refundable deposit or since they can’t test drive the vehicle now. We briefly talked about this last night on our YouTube Live Stream. For me, none of these reasons matter like I mentioned above. However, when you take a look at the beauty in the video below, how can you not fall in love with it and want the launch edition?

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4 thoughts on “Why I Pre-Ordered My Fisker Ocean One

  1. Thanks Sean! I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and have always loved cars. I pre-ordered a One also and a big reason is their commitment to sustainability. I hope we can help make a difference for your children and my grandchildren. Keep up the great work!

  2. Interesting take! Always appreciate the perspective.

    Is there something Fisker could do to lose your following and love for the company? For example, if it turns out that the Ocean is actually a not very green car (can’t service the thing because the hood doesn’t open for example). What would Henrik, or Fisker need to do to to turn you away from them? I ask this question of myself regularly (for all companies I follow and appreciate). Being able to clearly and confidently define your boundaries of what makes a good company vs a bad one is a key differentiator between a passionate hopeful, and a fanboy. If you find yourself bending or going against your values to protect the image of a company to preserve the feel good that you wanted to believe a company or person was, you would cross into the realm of “Fanboy”.

    I would love to hear more about what it is that the Ocean is actually doing that makes you feel its sustainable too! I don’t believe a $70k+ car qualifies for “sustainable”, but we may all have different definitions of what that means. To me, sustainable means a car that lasts. A car that goes further, with less resources, and upfront cost/waste to begin with. From a vehicle perspective, the most sustainable might be an old bicycle that has seen 100s of thousands of miles, and is still kicking. Low resource and real like costs that equal large returns in its output. Where a least sustainable example would be a luxury car that has high upfront costs (both monetarily, and in true resource requirements) breaks down or is scrapped after only a couple years and short of what something equivalent in cost and resource requirements is capable of. Perhaps sustainability is all relative?

    In the name of sustainability first, it is always more sustainable to not build the car at all, vs build the car after all.

  3. I was going to order the One. Then my wife asked me. Can I test drive it now? I said no, not quite yet. She said, how can you purchase a high dollar car like that without knowing more about it?
    I have to admit, although hard for me to do, she is right!
    After discussing we both agreed the ULTRA is the sweet spot. All the reviews will be in by then! I am sorry, in a happy marriage, you have to discuss with your wife, especially if she makes a lot more money than me. I am confident the One will be great, and I am happy for all of you that ordered it. You will not be disappointed!!

  4. Well said! I am all about supporting companies where sustainability is their raison d’etre. I have no children ( that I know of) and it still irks me to see people treat this planet like its their personal dumpster. That, and being able to give a nice juicy middle finger to Big Oil while driving around in style helps play a part as well.

What are your thoughts?