The Fisker Ocean: A Sustainable Dream Becomes Reality

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation interviews Henrik Fisker and discusses the Fisker Ocean, a sustainable dream that has turned into reality.

Henrik Fisker driving the first ever Fisker Ocean One delivered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Today, we discovered that Henrik Fisker made a recent appearance on DR, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, for an in-depth interview. In the video interview, he discussed his automotive past, present, and future. DR broadcasted the interview in Danish over the weekend, but we watched the video and translated it into English. Unless you speak Danish, we have included the complete transcript of the interview below. The interview is worth watching for the visuals alone, but the transcript below is a must-read. We’ll start you off with a quick overview.

Overview of Henrik Fisker’s Recent Interview

Henrik Fisker sitting down for interview with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

Henrik Fisker, the Danish car designer, who experienced bankruptcy with his previous car project, is now determined to achieve global success with his latest creation, the Fisker Ocean. This electric vehicle, made from recycled materials, is described as one of the most sustainable vehicles in the world. Regardless of the obstacles along his way, Henrik maintains a resolute determination to compete with major car manufacturers and fulfill his lifelong passion for cars. Fisker’s journey in the automotive industry has been marked by highs and lows. However, his unwavering dedication and commitment to making a positive impact continues to drive him forward.

Determined Mindset and Pursuit of Success

Despite facing challenges and bankruptcy with his previous car project, Fisker maintains a determined mindset to compete with major car giants and attain the success he has pursued for decades. Fisker drew inspiration for the Fisker Ocean from the concept of creating a sports car that combines sportiness with everyday practicality.

Delivery of the First Fisker Ocean

After two and a half years of intensive work, Fisker embarked on delivering their first electric vehicle, featured prominently during the interview. They conducted the initial delivery in Copenhagen, Denmark, as Fisker obtained approvals more swiftly in Europe. The first-ever customer, Jackie Phillip, appeared in the interview, and his reaction was awesome! Then, Henrik drives the Fisker Ocean One throughout Copenhagen.

Eager Customers and Eco-Friendly Production

The video shares more than 2,200 customers in Denmark have already reserved and eagerly await their Fisker Ocean. Fisker manufactures the Ocean in an eco-friendly factory in Austria, ensuring CO2 neutral production. Fisker makes the interiors from recycled marine waste, and the car’s roof features solar panels that generate enough electricity for its initial driving needs each year.

Overcoming Challenges and Driving Forward

Regardless of delays and challenges, Henrik expressed confidence in the success of his new venture. He recognizes the importance of building a strong network to deliver thousands of cars per month and remains determined to overcome any obstacles. Fisker’s journey in the automotive industry has been a rollercoaster. It involves designing iconic cars for renowned brands and facing legal disputes with Elon Musk. However, his passion for cars and his aspiration to make a positive impact on the industry continue to propel him forward.

Assuring Customers and Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry

Henrik sketching the Fisker RŌNIN, the world’s first all-electric, four-door convertible, GT Sports Car.

As stated in the closing of the video interview, Fisker assures customers in both the US and Europe that they will soon receive information about the arrival of their cars, despite the possible delay in the first deliveries of the Fisker Ocean. With his new electric dream taking shape, Fisker aims to revolutionize the automotive industry and contribute to a more sustainable future. The video ends with Henrik sketching the Fisker RŌNIN.

Transcript for S2:E64 Fisker’s Comeback

Presenter: This man. He has a lifelong love affair with cars. Earlier this month, a dream came true for Henrik Fisker when he delivered the key to the first Fisker Ocean. A car designed and built by the Dane himself. A 100% electrically powered machine made from recycled materials such as old T-shirts and fishing nets. According to experts, it is one of the most sustainable cars in the world. But the road to it has been full of chicanes, bumps and sharp bends for the man of all councils. His last car project, well, it ended in bankruptcy, but now he is once again betting everything on surviving the tough competition with the world's car giants and achieving the success he has been chasing for decades.

Henrik Fisker: One of the things that was inspired here was more of a sports car, because it's a service we've created, and you get the feeling that it's sporty, but it's still useful for everyday life. That was actually the idea of this car.

Interviewer: He lives in California, but on this day Henrik Fisker is in Taastrup, and it is a very special day.

Henrik Fisker: It's a great feeling to be about to deliver our first cars. It has taken about two and a half years at full speed. It's just great to do the maiden voyage here.

Interviewer: It is the story of a man who has been beaten up, but tries to get back up again with the things you have been through. Ups and downs. How the heck do you dare to do it again?

Henrik Fisker: I think a lot about how it's probably like a little bit like a boxer, for example, who might have done really well, but at some point he gets a knockout and then he crashes. And then you have to think about. Do you have to stand up again or?

Interviewer: It started with a dream.

Henrik Fisker: I sat in the back seat of my father's white Saab 95 and drove out onto. I think it was the royal road and a Maserati drove past. I remember looking at it. It looked like a UFO coming from outside space somewhere. It was so modern and I go. I just looked at those, the lines on the car, the design of the car. And then I weighed it the first time I thought. And I must have something to do with cars.

Interviewer: Now Fisker is back on home soil.

Henrik Fisker: It was a bit of a coincidence, because we were supposed to deliver the first cars in the US. But we got type approvals faster in Europe, and then the fastest country in Europe was Denmark.

Interviewer: More than 2,200 Danes have paid deposits and are waiting for their Fisker Ocean. The reason after months of delays, the day has finally arrived when a Copenhagen lawyer gets the first.

Jackie Phillip: Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Oh my god Henrik.

Interviewer: The car will be produced under license in a high-tech factory in Austria with CO2 neutral production. The seat covers and all the interiors are made from marine waste, plastic bottles, T-shirts and fishing nets. Solar panels on the roof produce enough electricity for the first few thousand kilometers of driving per year. 

Jackie Phillip: In my world, Henrik is quite iconic with his history of designing cars. He is a world champion at it. We borrow the car and ask what's really at stake right now.

Henrik Fisker: I think about what is at stake and there is a lot that still needs to be done. We need to have built a network where we can deliver thousands of cars per month.

Interviewer: Even though some customers have waited a long time, some believe they are prolonging the wait, Fisker has no doubts about its success.

Henrik Fisker: The next big challenge is to get everything running perfectly and then hopefully there will be no problems.

Interviewer: From all roots to America. Henrik Fisker left Denmark at the age of 23 to pursue his dream. He enters a training program in Switzerland to become a car designer. 10 years later, he draws the BMW Z8 for James Bond. It will become a design icon.

Henrik Fisker: It gave me a lot of confidence and the feeling that if you really think freely. It did at the time. I didn't have any inhibitions because I know that at that point, I knew I wasn't going to go into production anyway. I might as well go crazy with the design and just make something really cool. So we did that and it has given me a bit of confidence to think outside the box and take risks.

Interviewer: Was it your breakthrough?

Henrik Fisker: That was definitely my breakthrough.

Interviewer: Henrik Fisker moves to British Aston Martin, where he designs the V8 and DB9 models.

Henrik Fisker: [That includes Aston Martin. There, the process is quite fast because I'm on the board and I'm the head of design, because I don't have to ask anybody what it should be for designers. I only do one model and one design, and that's what I like.] At some point I thought, is this it? Can I just sit around until I'm 70 years old and drink martinis and not really do much, because I've designed a couple that are resting, then you have to pass it on to the next generation. Then I thought, maybe it would be fun to go out and make something myself.

Interviewer: But before going solo, Fisker is hired by another fortune hunter, Elon Musk. The Dane will design the electric car that will revolutionize the automotive industry. The Tesla. But after just one year, Fisker moved on and started his own car company. But Elon Musk is not done with Fisker. Musk accuses the Dane of stealing knowledge and technological insights.

Henrik Fisker: So we had a little bit. We went to court a little bit, which we won, then a court case against Elon.

Interviewer: To this day, the dispute with Fisker apparently still lingers. Elon Musk, now the world's richest man, here in a tweet about another plagiarism case. 'How ironic that’s what Henrik Fisker did to Tesla in 2007!' And Musk has also said this: 'I don't think very highly of Henrik Fisker. He thinks the reason we don't have electric cars is for lack of styling.'

Henrik Fisker: I would say I don't really have any of them. Someone, I should say. There are many people with whom you do business or you get closer at some point have disagreements. But I don't think you can sit around and hold a grudge about it.

Interviewer: Fisker has moved on, designing and producing the Fisker Karma, one of the world's first electric cars.

Henrik Fisker: I think it should be so over the top, so you really give it that extra push of an ecological car. Can also be a nice car.

Interviewer: And for the first few years, there's super good karma around the luxury electric car. The Dane's car companies are being padded with billions of dollars from private investors, but also just over two billion from the Obama administration's green pool.

Henrik Fisker: That it has been a period like in the Wild West, because I figured it out on that project without really knowing where it was going to go.

Interviewer: At the opening ceremony of the battery factory, then Vice President Joe Biden paid tribute to Fisker in his speech. ‘This is seed money, that will return back to the American consumers in billions and billions and billions of dollars and good new jobs.’ Crown Prince Frederik buys a Karma and major American movie star and drives around Hollywood in a Karma. But Karma will never be a commercial success or good business. The battery supplier goes bankrupt and production is too slow. Henrik Fisker goes bankrupt with a billion-dollar bang. But it won't happen again, he promises.

Henrik Fisker: When I first started, I didn't think much about it. We had to have a certain amount of money to make the car, so I was just hoping that it would come at some point, and sometimes it did and sometimes it didn't. So this time we said okay, we're not going to start that project until we have a billion dollars.

Interviewer: It's your name on the front and back of the car. So it's full throttle on the whole venture. And again, I just ask how the heck dare you?

Henrik Fisker: Now, we have made that brand of car, and we thought it was a good fit. But you, you're right, it's clear. If something goes wrong, they always point the finger at me because my name is on the car. That's for sure, I can't stay away from it. But anyway, I think I've just been put here on earth to make cars. So there is nothing else I can do. It also has a very good grip. Here they have 22 inch wheels. I would say that it is good on the road.

Interviewer: Back to the future and present on a country road west of Copenhagen and the first real drive on Danish asphalt.

Henrik Fisker: I will spend all my life trying to see what I can do to turn this industry around or at least help with it, because it is an industry that is the most polluting industry in the world, the automotive industry.

Interviewer: Back in the Fisker showroom in Taastrup.

Henrik Fisker: Alright. Very cool.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for the trip.

Henrik Fisker: Yes, that's very nice.

Interviewer: Ocean is on the move, and here we go. Fisker’s next electric dream already taking shape on the blog.

Presenter: And as mentioned, the delivery of Ocean is delayed. But Henrik Fisker says that the first customers both in the US and here in Europe will very soon be told when they can get their car.

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  1. I think Henrick is a car designing genious! He truly was put on planet earth to design and build cars! I am patiently waiting for the arrival of my Ocean One!!! Thank you Mr. FISKER..

  2. Auslieferung 5. MAI
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    1-2 stück und eines davon Herr Fisker Persönlich, das ist kein Auslieferung
    Werbungen mit Umwelt interessiert Konsumer nicht
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