Sold Out: Fisker Ocean Ultra & Sport for US Customers

Supplies were limited and now US reservation holders are no longer able to place pre-orders for the Fisker Ocean Ultra and Sport.

Today, just moments ago, we learned Fisker sold out of the Ocean Ultra and Sport for US customers. Reservation holders in the US are no longer able to pre-order the Fisker Ocean Ultra or Sport. However, the Ocean Extreme is still available for pre-order at a starting price of $68,999. Fisker said supplies were limited for US customers, but didn’t say what quantities would be available for pre-ordering.

Fisker Ocean Los Angeles Auto Show
Fisker Ocean Los Angeles Auto Show

Fisker opened up pre-orders for US customers on Sunday due to potential changes in the Federal EV tax credit system. The company made the Fisker Ocean available for pre-ordering to create binding contracts with its customers. That may give customers the ability to take advantage of the $7,500 tax credit in the United States.

If you’re in the US and have not already reserved a Fisker Ocean, you can do so now and immediately pre-order the Extreme trim. Reservation holders outside of the United States will be able to pre-order later this year. In fact, on November 18th, Fisker will begin taking pre-orders for the Fisker Ocean Extreme trim. This will be followed by opening pre-orders for our Ultra and Sport trims in Q1 2023.

Fisker will continue taking reservations for the Fisker Ocean in the event the company can increase capacity or customers cancel orders. Additionally, the company is taking reservations for the Fisker PEAR. The PEAR is the company’s second electric vehicle built in the United States. The company already has over 4,000 reservations for the Fisker PEAR.

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26 thoughts on “Sold Out: Fisker Ocean Ultra & Sport for US Customers

    1. Sounds like you may have just snuck in there as the Ocean Ultra and Sport are no longer able to be pre-ordered in the United States. Fisker should have sent you confirmation emails. You can read this article with the steps we followed to pre-order our Fisker Ocean Sport on Sunday.

      1. Thats unfair …I been a reservation holder for
        almost a year , and never received a email…on a pre-order or flex lease
        .bad com etiquette.

  1. I confirmed my February 8,2022 Reservation for a Fisker Ocean Ultra today (see original reservation information below) I also received a “Congratulations email” today @ 12:32 after I had rechecked my reservation and configuration for a Fisker Ocean Ultra and read the agreement form.
    The “Congratulations email” stated that “ Welcome to your place in EV history
    You’re confirmed! Thank you for ordering your Fisker Ocean and securing your place in Fisker’s vision of a Clean Future for All.”

    Is that all I need to make sure that I have a confirmation for the Fisker Ocean Ultra???

    Thank you for your reservation, and for helping us create a cleaner future for all! You can reserve

    Reservation 1

    Fisker Ocean

    Reservation Date
    FEB 8 2022
    Referral Code
    Reservation ID

    1. We received the same emails as you Sharon, so we’re both sitting in the same boat! The only difference is we pre-ordered a Fisker Ocean Sport on Sunday instead of an Ocean Ultra.

  2. Went to order my Sport this morning and was greeted with this news. So disappointed that they sold out and I won’t qualify for the rebate. At less than $35k (after rebate), the Ocean Sport was a steal. I guess it’s time to cancel my reservation.

  3. I think that I screwed up. I didn’t realize that we could order the version that we wanted. I thought that we would do that closer to November. I just put in my configuration. I’ve been planning on an Extreme all along, so no major screwup.

    1. Whatever you selected will be the trim that will be listed on your binding contract. Last we looked, Ocean Extreme was available to pre-order. Maybe you go for two Fisker Oceans and order another one now!?

  4. Done know how many of each trim are allocated to each country?
    I read the headline too fast and thought it was sold out in general! I’m really hoping to get my ultra next fall!

    1. Thanks for following along Julia! That is a very good question and we will soon know the answer in November when pre-ordering is open for the Extreme in countries outside the USA.

  5. When I put in my order for the Extreme, it went through and I can see my configuration on their site. I’m torn between Blue Planet and the not yet available Solar Orange. Hopefully I can update if I decide that I want orange if it’s available.

  6. I put my deposit down 1.5 years ago. Does this mean that I’m SOL if I didn’t put in my reservation and I planned to get the Ultra?

    1. It depends on your timing and also whether or not Fisker can increase capacity in the second half of 2023. I’d hang in there until Fisker releases an update like they did for the Fisker Ocean One. If they create a waitlist like they are the Ocean One, you will need to act fast.

  7. So I converted my reservation on Sunday morning when I had seen the email , I figured why not and put in for the sport for affordability. I received a confirmation email moments later after accepting terms and all but when I log on to the web it still shows the order button but under configuration shows a cool pic with a white sport. I emailed Fisker to see what the deal is with that .

      1. Hey Sean /Everyone. So my Radgiver responded to my enquiry , they confirmed that my ocean sport order went in that morning but made no mention of the blue order button still showing when I log in , when I clicked the order button again I got the same just brings me to a confirmation screen . Below is what they responded to me
        Looking at your file on our system, we can see that we have an order on file for a Fisker Ocean Sport, made on 8/7/2022, 9:53 AM.

        Thank you for making your order with Fisker! We will be release more information regarding the ordering process closer to our launch date in November.

        We hope that you’ll stay connected via our newsletter, Fisker Flexee app, and social media channels for future updates and announcements!

  8. This is unbelievable. I made a reservation in February for the Fisker Ocean. when I was contacted about the Ocean One I declined and indicated I was interested in Ultra trim.
    Yesterday I go to convert my deposit to non-refundable and select the Ultra trim only to find it is sold out, If I made a reservation 6 months ago I can not believe tha I should not be able to select the Ultra trim. If Fisker to new reservations in the past week and let them step in front of people who had reservations for months it is a bunch of B.S.!

  9. I’m feeling it too Jim! Not super happy… hoping they open up a new list of sorts to help out those of us who have been ‘ onboard’ for some time

  10. I ordered both an Ultra and a Sport on 8/9, received confirmation emails immediately for both. I still see the blue order button on my reservation page. Being a year or more away from delivery and with the new federal law as well as a similar law just passed in Mass there is too much uncertainty to say what I’ll do when the time comes. I feel good about having both turns as options though

  11. I’m livid. I reserved in January 2020 in the US – I also have a Pear reservation. I passed on the One and received no mobile app alerts or email re: Sport or Ultra reservations.

    1. Me and friends have total 4 ultra reserved 1.5 year ago. Just to find out it meant nothing to be on wait list if you overlooked one email. Also this is pre sale treatment, think about once you are stuck with 60k car for service.

      1. Yeah, it sucks Gurpal to have missed out on pre-ordering the Ultra this past week. Fingers crossed Fisker can increase production capacity next year with another shot for you to pre-order your Ultra in Q1 2023.

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