Sneak Peak: Fisker Ocean Digital User Experience

Fisker Ocean User Interface Digital User Experience Software Design

Here is a first look at the Fisker Ocean digital user experience to see what the User Interface on the Central Display will look like.

Earlier this week, we published the latest Fisker Investor Presentation. It was quietly released ahead of Fisker’s Q1 2022 earnings report scheduled for May 4th. Inside the presentation are lots of nuggets that would be of interest to any stakeholder. However, no one has either read it or picked up on the imagery used in the investor deck. One thing that stood out to us was the imagery of the Fisker digital user experience (UX) in the car and on the app.

The Fisker Ocean User Interface and Digital User Experience

There it is in plain view. The Fisker Ocean Central Display in portrait mode. On it is a beautiful user interface (UI) staring us right in the face on page-27. The Fisker Ocean offers a unique digital user experience. Fisker will offer digital user experiences that bring class-leading convenience and delight to their customers. The user interface is driven by a human-centered design philosophy. The software in the car will always be up to date with over-the-air updates delivered to the car and through the Fisker mobile app.

Digital Functionality In CarOver-the-Air UpdatesIntegrated LifecycleConnected App
Infotainment customization service provider upgrades, Fisker Digital Concierge, Remote vehicle system status monitoring, and more.User experiences provided by downloadable updates delivered by the Fisker Cloud Over-the-Air Platform.Customer lifecycle managed entirely through integrated digital channels.Ease of user and vehicle controls enabled by the Connected Fisker Vehicle App.

Let’s take a closer look at the Fisker Ocean’s Software Design

Overall, the user interface looks modern and clean. This looks more than just a mock up. Fisker’s software engineering team will need to have the UI locked in the next three months. That is if they want reporters to test drive the vehicle ahead of launch. Granted, they can push updates up and to the last minute.

At the top of the Central Display, the user interface displays buttons to access your Fisker digital profile, notifications, time, Wi-Fi signal, Bluetooth, and screen lock. There are a couple of buttons we can’t recognize.

Pure speculation, but we believe the Fisker digital profile will travel with you across any Fisker electric vehicle. That means your driver settings, driving score, Fisker Fi-Pilot, autonomous driving package, and so forth stay with the user not the vehicle. You set it or buy it once and it comes with you from the Fisker Ocean, to the Fisker Pear, or Fisker Super Car. Take that Elon! It’s something all Tesla owners keep asking for and we bet Henrik will deliver it.

Main Nagivation

On the left hand side of the user interface, you have a series of important buttons to access digital features and to operate the vehicle. There are buttons for Home, Map, Music, Phone, Driving Controls, Apps, Fan, and Settings. The Apps button is most intriguing to us. It is where you will access movies to watch using Hollywood Mode.

Ancillary buttons

On the right hand side of the UI, you can find the speed limit and traffic light detection, which uses the front-facing camera on the Fisker Ocean. There is also a parking sensor button and one we do not recognize.

Main screen

In the middle of the user interface is the main screen section. As you can see, the main section displays a view of where the vehicle is positioned in comparison to the objects around it. Presumably this uses the Fisker Digital Radar and all the cameras surrounded the electric car.

Below this section, a big portion of the screen is a the map. It will provide directions and allow you to zoom in and out. The destination path is highlighted. It includes the best path to take to your destination if you’re driving or the car when you enable autonomous driving. The map also has a button to center it on the Central Display.

Also, this part of the screen will be where all of the main functionality displays when you tap on a button. For example, when you access the Phone or Driving Controls from the left hand navigation it will open in the middle of Central Display in the main screen the radar and map sections.

Turn up the volume

At the very bottom of the screen you will find the music controls. Standard buttons you would expect to play music in your car. The Shuffle and Repeat buttons are cool for listening to digital music, such as your Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal subscription, in your Fisker Ocean. There is a possibility the UI will support Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

And of course, you have the physical buttons at the very bottom of the Central Display to adjust certain settings without the need to look at the screen. These haptic buttons will vibrate when you press them.

Fisker Flexee App User Interface

The imagery of the Fisker Flexee mobile app doesn’t reveal too much. The background image shows your Fisker Ocean, color and trim. For example, an Ocean One or Extreme. There are only four Home which shows a map icon, whether the vehicle is locked, how full of a charge the Hyper Range Battery has, and whether the doors are open or closed. This is clearly a mockup but it gives you a sense of what Fisker may be thinking. The mobile app will allow you to control your Fisker Ocean.

Fisker Flexee Ocean iOS User Interface

Fisker Ocean Instrument Cluster Display

Lastly, we have the Fisker Ocean instrument cluster display. When we saw Henrik take the Fisker Ocean 100 MPH last week there were glimpses of the Fisker Ocean cabin. Mounted to the windshield was a makeshift instrument panel showing off the user interface. Here though, we can see the charge of the Hyper Range battery and miles left before it needs to be recharged, the speedometer front and center, gear the vehicle is in, and the time and date. And, for those that have recently asked, to get the car into gear (P, D, N, R) you’ll use the gear stalk on the right of the steering column.

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