Second Largest Week for Fisker Ocean Lock Dates

Fisker Ocean One

Fisker locks in hundreds more Ocean One builds including customers in the United Kingdom for the very first time.

Fisker Ocean One
Fisker Ocean One interior with signature badge on the steering wheel.

Today, marks the second busiest week of submitting final configurations for the limited edition launch vehicle. Hundreds of more Ocean Ones have been sent to Fisker’s vehicle production team based on data we collected around lock dates. Fisker Ocean One customers with lock dates of March 20th, 2023 had their builds locked across a handful of launch markets at the stroke of midnight. Like last week, Fisker has been on fire with locking and confirming orders during the same day.

Fisker is getting really close to locking in builds for all Ocean One orders. This was the first week we’ve seen orders confirmed for Ocean One customers in the United Kingdom. Previously, Fisker has said customers in the United Kingdom should get their right-hand drive Ocean Ones between July through September 2023. That aligns with the delivery quarters shared by the company earlier today. All of the delivery quarters posted by Ocean One customers today are for Late Q2/Q3. This includes some customers that visited the Fisker Ocean in Seattle, WA all the way to Reading, UK.

Newly Minted Sequence Numbers

Congrats to everyone that received their sequence numbers today. So far, we’ve seen a wide range of sequence numbers posted to Fiskerati Forums. However, we still don’t know yet who holds the bookends of Ocean One sequence numbers #1 and #5000! The individual sequence numbers shared today include #2392, #2671, #2807, #3038, #3244, #3630, #3667, #3694, #3867, #3885, #4091, #4238, #4597, #4674, #4759, #4091, #4098, #4729, #4955, and #4996. Welcome everyone to the Fisker Ocean One club!

Ocean One Project: Submitting Your Build Details

You can help us catalog each Fisker Ocean One sequence number and configuration by posting your details to this Fiskerati Forums topic. While you’re at it, in the coming weeks, Fisker will be sending you some fun emails that describe your build configuration selections including exterior, interior, and wheel options. Please post a copy of those emails to the forum too. That way we can all learn more about the storytelling for each option.

This Week In Fisker

Ocean One Waitlist, Digital Rearview Mirror, Fisker’s Banking Partner, European Road Tour, & More

Although last week was relatively uneventful for Fisker, our coverage of All-Things Fisker was extensive. Our weekly show encompassed a diverse range of topics, starting with the latest news concerning Fisker. Our discussion touched upon several fascinating subjects, including the European Road Tour in Paris, Henrik Fisker’s teaser of “more info at the end of this month,” Fisker’s banking partner, the Qualtrics Experience Management Summit, the Fisker Ocean’s pedestrian warning sound, Mad Money Lightning Round, the March 13th build lock date and sequence numbers, the Ocean One Project, Ask Henrik Anything in the Forum, low speed sound of the Fisker Ocean, and Fisker’s upcoming apps, which are set to be released soon. Oh, and let’s not forget about all the information we shared yesterday about the Fisker Ocean One waitlist. If you missed any of these updates from over the weekend, now you’re all caught up!

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2 thoughts on “Second Largest Week for Fisker Ocean Lock Dates

  1. My sequence number is 1017.
    Build Lock Order Confirmation
    Exterior: Big Sur Blue
    Interior: Maliblu
    Wheels: 22″ F3b SlipStream Black
    Accessories: Key Fob
    Estimated Delivery Quarter: Late Q2/Q3

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