Recycled Materials: Your Fisker Ocean Interior

Sea Salt interior option in the Fisker Ocean electric SUV.

Fisker shares more details about the recycled polymers and bio-based materials used in the Fisker Ocean interior on Global Recycling Day.

Fisker Ocean electric SUV uses over 110 pounds (50kgs) of recycled materials.

Today, we celebrate Global Recycling Day and learn about recycled polymers and bio-based materials used in the Fisker Ocean interior. Fisker has previously shared with us that their flagship electric SUV uses over 110 pounds (50kgs) of recycled materials. However, earlier today the company shared percentages of recycled materials in celebration of Global Recycling Day.

Global Recycling Day aims to convey to world leaders the critical significance of recycling as a global issue. It urges the need for a cohesive and collaborative approach to recycling. Until such a unified approach is adopted, people around the world are encouraged to view goods as valuable resources rather than waste. By doing so, we can ensure that recycled goods are given the appropriate value and repurposing they deserve.

Backstory of the Fisker Ocean Interior

We had prior knowledge about the Fisker Ocean interior and its use of recycled materials. For example, Fisker designed the interior with premium upholstery, carpets, and fabrics. However, they are made from recycled plastics, thereby reducing landfill waste and the vehicle’s carbon footprint. The Fisker Ocean has a fully vegan interior. It consists of up-cycled materials like reclaimed fishing nets, old t-shirts, and renewed rubber.

Fisker Ocean with Sea Salt interior.

Fisker is committed to reducing, reusing, and recycling in every possible way to create the most sustainable electric vehicle globally. They use regenerated nylon to make the vehicle’s carpeting from abandoned fishing net waste collected from oceans and aquaculture. Recycled plastic bottles and polyester fibers like old t-shirts are used to make the eco-suede interior. Furthermore, rubber waste from tire production is repurposed in the Fisker Ocean.

The Fisker Ocean has become an exceptional vehicle to illustrate how sustainable practices can be incorporated into a product’s design. It’s an eco-friendly and socially responsible option for consumers. This is especially so for consumers passionate about reducing their carbon footprint and making a positive environmental impact. Now, let’s take a look at the percentages of recycled materials used in the Fisker Ocean interior.

Percentages of Recycled Materials

More than 110 lbs. of recycled materials used in the Fisker Ocean interior.

The primary carpeting in the Fisker Ocean is composed of 71% recycled content. This is sourced from leftover scraps and trims from fabric manufacturing. This material is carefully processed to create a durable and sustainable carpeting option.

In addition, Fisker uses FeelTek technology, which utilizes a unique under layer that is constructed entirely from recycled plastic bottles. The flexible surface coating is made from plant-derived products. It provides a sustainable and eco-friendly solution that is gentle on the environment.

The Ultrasuede material used in the Fisker Ocean interior is also sustainable. This includes the dashboard, headliner, center console, and door accents. It contains recycled polyester and 30% plant-based polyester. This material provides a luxurious and soft feel, while also being environmentally conscious.

The Alcantara seats available in certain Fisker Ocean trims contains 27% certified post-consumer recycled materials. This material has been certified as Carbon Neutral since 2009. It provides an excellent alternative to traditional suede, offering a soft and durable option that is also sustainable and eco-friendly.

In summary, the Fisker Ocean interior was designed with sustainability in mind. It uses a range of materials that are recycled, plant-based, and eco-friendly. As we embark on Global Recycling Day, let’s celebrate recycled materials. They can be turned into high-quality products that are both luxurious and sustainable. This is a win-win solution for consumers and the environment! ♻️

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