New Pricing: Fisker Slashes Option Prices Across All Fisker Ocean Trims

Fisker updates pricing for exterior, interior, wheels, and packages making each Fisker Ocean trim more competitive.

Fisker Ocean Extreme now with more competitive option prices.
Fisker Ocean trims now with more competitive option prices.

Today, Fisker caught our attention as they reduced the prices of options for every Fisker Ocean trim. Prices for each option differ across Ocean trims for exterior, interior, wheels, and packages, becoming even more competitive. The Fisker Ocean Configurator now displays the updated prices for the Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport. The base price for each trim remains unchanged. Presented below are user-friendly charts that compare the pricing of options for each Fisker Ocean trim. We’ve reached out to Fisker for comment and will update the article if they share any further details.

Exterior Color Option Pricing

The only exterior paint color option available without an additional cost is Great White. Prices for other exterior paint colors now span from $975 to $4,500, varying based on the trim. The pricing for the matte paint exterior color remains unchanged and consistent for all trims. 11 exterior color options are available for selection.

Exterior OptionsExtremeUltraSport
Great White$0$0$0
Night Drive$975$1,500$1,500
Horizon Gray$975$1,500$1,500
Silver Lining$975$1,500$1,500
Big Sur Blue$4,500$4,500$4,500
Blue Planet$975$1,500$1,500
Stealth Green$4,500$4,500$4,500
Red Planet$975$1,500$1,500
Sea Grass$975$1,500$1,500
Sun Soaked$975$1,500$1,500
Fisker Ocean Exterior Color Option Pricing

Interior Option Pricing

The interior options remain consistent for every trim. However, it seems that pricing has only been reduced for the Extreme trim, while Black Abyss Plus continues to be offered as a standard option. On the Ultra and Sport trims, Black Abyss (fabric seats) remains the standard option, and the price for Black Abyss remains unchanged for both trims.

Interior OptionsExtremeUltraSport
Black Abyss$0$0
Black Abyss Plus$0$2,500$2,500
Sea Salt$2,500$5,000
Fisker Ocean Interior Option Pricing

Wheel Option Pricing

Fisker has revised pricing for its wheel options, adopting a consistent pricing strategy across all trims. As part of this update, the 20″ F7 AeroStealth wheels are now standard across every trim level. The new pricing structure ranges from $0 to $1,900 for the various wheel options.

Wheel OptionsExtremeUltraSport
20″ F7 AeroStealth$0$0$0
22″ F5b AirGlider black$1,600$1,600$1,600
22″ F5a AirGlider$1,450$1,450$1,450
22″ F3b SlipStream$1,900$1,900$1,900
22″ F3a SlipStream$1,750$1,750$1,750
22″ F6 Vortex$1,450$1,450$1,450
Fisker Ocean Wheel Option Pricing

Package Option Pricing

The Ocean Extreme trim retains both the Performance and Winter packages as standard. Fisker has made adjustments to the pricing of its packages for the Ocean Ultra and Sport trims. We confirmed with Fisker that the Performance Package for the Ultra trim is indeed priced $95 higher than the Sport trim.

Package OptionExtremeUltraSport
Performance Package$0$1,895$1,800
Winter Package$0$1,295$1,295
Fisker Ocean Package Option Pricing

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9 thoughts on “New Pricing: Fisker Slashes Option Prices Across All Fisker Ocean Trims

  1. Hi there Sean, I just recevied an email with the same info and also for me to actually secured my order of my Sport trim. I cannot believe they are already doing this for the Sport trim reservation holders like me. Which is great news.

    1. Hey Paul, It appears that locking in reduced pricing on optional upgrades and building out the production queue for the next vehicles to be built after Ocean One is good news and a win-win for both Fisker and customers. We received an email shortly after publishing the article for our Ocean Sport trim!

  2. I ordered an Ultra. Email I received today asked for an additional payment by June 30th. Of course, no indication as to when I might receive the vehicle. Not a good customer experience.

    1. Thank you, Simon, for your feedback. Locking in now provides the advantage of securing the reduced pricing. Committing to the Fisker Ocean makes the additional $750 seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things. The delivery dates for each trim will depend on the number of customers who choose to lock-in.

  3. I received an update today June 28th on my configurator that I can configure to an ocean one if I wanted too.

  4. Seems like some packages for the Ultra are no longer available. According to the rep, the Fisker Intelligence Pilot and Ultimate packages have been removed for the Sport and Ultra configurator. They’re “exploring” how we will package and offer these features. However, I got a message saying it’s time to provide additional payment by 6/30. Hate to commit without knowing how the packages resurface and what the new package costs will be.

  5. Placed an order for the extreme. We’ve never driven the car never really even seen the car besides photographs or video…

    We got an email saying that they needed our $5,000 non-refundable deposit above and beyond the deposit we put down for order…..

    Crazy if you ask me.

    We canceled our order and of course they kept some of our initial deposit.

    I would not take a fisker now if you gave me one.

    Poor customer service

  6. Looking forward to seeing Fisker been a success, but some thoughts. Is demand softening, or cancellations increasing, so that is why they are reducing the trim prices Ramp up of deliveries is slow, almost at the end of the second quarter, no real indication of delivery tempo I know it is important to get product to customers, but surely to create demand/buzz, there should have been press cars held back for test drives. Even VnFast did this, to very poor reviews, but they still did it. Very worrying with the supplier issues, surely, at this stage, with 40k+ cars locked in for 2023, the suppliers should have been on board and not picking 2nd or 3rd tier supplier, with dubious reputation/financial health.

  7. Anyone choosing a newly designed horseless-carriage, whether from a start-up or from a legacy maker, takes a risk. The maker of the carriage also takes a great risk. The risk involved (financial/time/energy & effort) in anything new is, despite the discomfort, part of the journey to something better. Trust is the power that propels the consumers and the makers of the carriage.

    People with financial resources are often the earliest adopters of something new. I believe this is the case here with Fisker. The rest of us consumers jump on board a little later. And that’s OK. We just don’t get that extra ‘shot in the arm’ of being one of the first.

What are your thoughts?