New Photos: Fisker Ocean Force E Off Road SUV

Fisker released new photos of the Fisker Ocean with the Force E off-road package, which will be available for customers later this year.

Fisker Force E
Original renderings of Fisker Ocean Force E shared in early 2021.

Today, Fisker unveiled new photos of the electric Fisker Ocean SUV, showcasing its highly anticipated Force E off-roading package. The package, which was announced this morning, enables customers to convert their Fisker Ocean into a formidable off-road vehicle. This off roading package was originally announced by Fisker a couple of years ago.

Fisker shared these impressive photos on social media, captioning them with the statement, “We’re ready to shake up the offroad segment with the Fisker Ocean Force E! The special off-road edition will come with substantial ground clearance and ramp angles, 33-inch all-terrain tires on 20-inch reinforced wheels, specialized dampers, plus an estimated 550 horsepower. Deliveries expected to start Q4 2023!”

This morning, Fisker shared the following about the Force E package:

Fisker will be adding an optional “hard core” off-road package called Force E, which can be applied to AWD Oceans after purchase. This will move the Ocean into a new market segment, with few direct EV competitors at its price point. The Force E is expected to be available in Q4 this year. Images will be released later today.

Then, Henrik Fisker shared an additional photos of the Force E package. This came along with his excitement of transforming the Fisker Ocean to take on dirt roads or desert dunes. He stated, “I’m super excited about the hard core off-road, Force E package for the Ocean!! Also available after you bought the Ocean…. Coming Q4 this year!” Like Henrik, we’re excited for this package. It would be fun to take a Fisker Ocean Force E out to Glamis or Ocotillo Wells for the weekend!

Gallery: Fisker Ocean Force E

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6 thoughts on “New Photos: Fisker Ocean Force E Off Road SUV

  1. Right now I’d be happier to know Fisker was concentrating on delivering a regular vehicle. The delays and failures to meet provided projections are more than annoying. Coming Q4 – yeah – at this rate I won’t have even received my on road vehicle ordered February last year. The longer it takes to actually deliver, the higher the probability I’ll go elsewhere.

  2. They need to focus on making deliveries that were promised. This would go along way with customers and shareholders. As a shareholder I am growing impatient with the constant reversals the stock has been making. With a stock so highly shorted the company should do everything in there power to run the price up and stick it to the short sellers. We need deliveries and need of deliveries and o yea more deliveries.

  3. Just like we’re in a standstill, so I’m guessing are a lot of their designers, sales/marketing, mechanical engineers and so on. I highly doubt any of the folks working on this package could have made a difference to the current schedule delays. What they need are more folks on the software side… (aside from government regulatory delays that they can’t do much of anything about).

  4. Let’s have honesty in media communications. Those are just renderings, not “photos”. No photos have been released yet.

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