New Fisker Ocean Accessories

Fisker Ocean Accessories Roof Rack

Fisker now offers seven new accessories available for purchase when pre-ordering your Fisker Ocean electric SUV.

Fisker Ocean Accessories.

Today, we learned about new Fisker Ocean accessories. Back in April, we conducted a poll about must have Fisker Ocean accessories. We asked reservation holders to choose between a roof rack, glass roof sun shade, rubber floor mats, and a key fob. The glass roof sun shade and rubber floor mats were by far the most popular. However, now we know only one of the four accessories from the poll made it across the finish line.

When we pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One earlier this morning we were presented with an option to add accessories. Fisker offered us seven accessories to choose from during the pre-ordering workflow. We were kind of surprised that Fisker didn’t offer a roof rack. That was one of two accessories previously confirmed by the company. The other previously confirmed accessory was the key fob. We’ve put together a table of the latest Fisker Ocean Accessories.

We suggested Fisker should create with rubber floor mats in our video from earlier today. The company could make them using the excess rubber from the Bridgestone tires that sit on the Fisker Ocean. These rubber floor mats would be just like what WeatherTech offers for virtually every other vehicle. At the very least, Fisker should contact WeatherTech and provide them specifications for their floor mats. That way the third-party company can create rubber floor mats to keep the Fisker Ocean clean and fresh.

Fisker Ocean Accessories

Carpet Floor Mat SetA good-looking and environmentally friendly accent to your Fisker Ocean. Made with eco-friendly recycled nylon and polyester fabrics.$250
20″ Wheel Snow ChainsDesigned for use with Fisker 20″ wheels to bite into the densest snow and improve traction on the iciest road surfaces. Built to last for many winters, they are easy to install, remove, clean, and store.$900
Car CoverProudly displaying the Fisker name, protects your Ocean’s exterior finish from the sun, dust, and debris.$375
Roadside Safety KitYou won’t ever want to need this kit, but you’ll be prepared: kit stores vital road emergency supplies in an easy-access case.$70
Key FobA second key fob gives an additional driver access to your Fisker Ocean, or a backup for you. Fisker Key Fobs are your private reminder that your Fisker Ocean is designed to be the world’s most sustainable vehicle.$300
Winter Tire – Center European – LM005Normal compound Includes Fisker’s 20″ F7 AeroStealth wheels matched with premium Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 Winter tires – stay safe and in command of snowy roads with this Complete Winter Wheel package.$4,000
Winter Tire – Nordic – DMV3 (Studless)Extreme compound Includes Fisker’s 20″ F7 AeroStealth wheels matched with Bridgestone’s Nordic-compound Blizzak DMV3 (Studless) Winter tires – stay in command of the deeper snowy roads typical to Scandinavian countries.$4,000

We ordered two accessories

When pre-ordering the Fisker Ocean One, we ordered two accessories. Firstly, we ordered the carpet floor mats. As we mentioned above, rubber mats would have been better. However, some protection for the floor is better than none. We may look for aftermarket rubber floor mats if Fisker doesn’t make some before taking delivery of the vehicle. Secondly, we ordered an extra key fob. You will have access to the vehicle using app as key. The key fob is a nice to have to use in lieu of the app as key. You can use it for valet or without the use of your phone. Having one for each driver in the family is a nice to have.

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9 thoughts on “New Fisker Ocean Accessories

  1. I was hoping to see wireless phone charging as standard on all trims, considering he says the car has so much advanced technology….

  2. How about a rear wiper and washer for those of us that don’t live in Southern California? Check Ionic 5 reviews if you don’t think this is a major irritant for many people.

  3. If no roof racks, how are you to use a luggage rack or transport a paddle board, or set of kayaks? Most crossover/SUV owners find these imperative.

    1. Easy, Eric, with a surf board or paddle board you can transport with the rear window rolled down! That’s how most people do it now near us going to the beach. However, the kayak would be trickier. We’ll test it out when it comes and let you know!

      1. If you can’t fit a roof rack because the car has no roof rails, then how do you expect anyone to transport a kayak 200 miles (each way) to an event at motorway speeds (70mph) and home again?

        Or a luggage carrier

        Think again Fisker, no roof rails, much,much fewer sales. I wouldn’t want one and I’ve got a deposit down!
        Same for the rear wash/wipe. Basic requirement in Europe, Scandinavia etc.

  4. Ordered the Ocean One but what’s with the 20″ snow chains if the car only comes with 22″ rims? I assume you are forced to buy the winter rims and tires to be able to use the chains.

    1. When you finalize your Fisker Ocean One configuration you’ll have a choice between 20″ or 22″ wheels. If you select the 20″ F7 AeroStealth wheels Fisker makes it easy to purchase snow chains. Alternatively, if you choose 22″ F3 SlipStream or F5 AirGlider wheels you can purchase snow chains elsewhere. There are a lot of options for 22″ snow chains online.

What are your thoughts?