Key Insights from Henrik Fisker’s Recent Fisker Ocean Video Clips

We dive into the latest Fisker Ocean video clips showcasing the creation of the world’s most emotional and sustainable vehicle.

Today, Henrik Fisker shared video clips on social media, showcasing the creation of the world’s most emotional and sustainable vehicle. Henrik stated, “Everyone can contribute to a clean future for all!” We found these video clips intriguing for several reasons. This comes as we are starting to see video reviews of the Fisker Ocean appear online. Some of them are well constructed, while other’s don’t offer viewers a complete picture. Now, you’re probably wondering why these video clips caught our attention, and we’ll tell you.

Fisker’s Vision and Mission Matters

Firstly, when the original full video was released at the beginning of last month, we immediately thought of it as a Super Bowl ad. Okay, that might never happen, but we should never rule it out! Nevertheless, these short video clips from Henrik Fisker earlier today serve as internet video ads aimed at educating prospective Fisker customers about the company’s vision and mission. They provide a compelling reason to choose the Fisker Ocean over other luxury SUVs. In fact, this is the primary reason we placed an order for a Fisker Ocean. We are supporting a cause greater than ourselves.

Ethical Innovation: Fisker Ocean’s 360-Mile Range and Sustainable Materials

How It's Made Matters: 110 pounds of single use plastic bottles.
How It’s Made Matters: 110 pounds of single use plastic bottles.

Secondly, the video clips highlight the impressive 360-mile range of the Fisker Ocean. However, the main message is the electric SUV is manufactured using 50kg of ethically sourced recycled materials. Fisker says this is the equivalent of 110 pounds of single use plastic waste. As we observed first-hand at Fisker’s Product Vision Day, and the Fisker Lounge at The Grove, that wave sculpture puts 110 pounds of single-use plastic waste into perspective.

Yes, every Fisker Ocean incorporates this amount of recycled materials. The Fisker Ocean presents a thoughtfully designed vegan interior that utilizes recycled materials, marking a unique feature we’ve never owned in a vehicle before. If prospective Fisker customers also value the significance of purchasing products that contribute to our planet’s well-being, they will resonate with this message, just as we do, and they will appreciate the innovative interior of the Fisker Ocean.

Fisker’s Strategic Message

Thirdly, unlike the 1 minute 30-second video that was uploaded to YouTube last month, these short “ad spots” posted by Henrik contained one small but noteworthy detail. In the last few seconds of the video, you’ll notice something in the lower right-hand corner. You’ll find Fisker promoting that they are a publicly traded company, identified as “NYSE: FSR.” Seeing this placed at the end of these video clips indicates that Fisker is listening to its existing shareholders. The company is actively working to boost brand awareness and attract new investors and shareholders. As a result, these new video clips deliver on various fronts.

In Fisker’s Words…

Here is the transcript from the full video titled, “Fisker Ocean: Creating the World’s Most Emotional and Sustainable All-Electric SUV.”

"When we challenged ourselves to create the world's most emotional and sustainable vehicle, we had to think differently. We had to innovate. We had to push the boundaries to not just create a car, but a movement. Every Fisker Ocean is produced with over 50 kilograms of ethically sourced recycled materials. That's the equivalent of 110 pounds of single use plastic waste. We use less, we use better, and we use again. We design our interiors with eco-friendly plant-based materials. It's unparalleled luxury, comfort and durability. Our responsibility to the planet thrives in the Fisker Ocean. Every detail, the smallest stitch to the aluminum and steel in the body was thoughtfully crafted in a carbon neutral facility. Fisker Ocean not only looks good, but feels good to help the planet. It's about accomplishing something bigger than itself. A clean future for all. And with the lowest carbon footprint of any electric SUV in production, our North Star is well within reach. At Fisker we believe that how it's made matters, and that's why we created the world's most emotional and sustainable vehicle."

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4 thoughts on “Key Insights from Henrik Fisker’s Recent Fisker Ocean Video Clips

  1. Henrik excels at design and marketing. Design refinement and technical excellence is just not his thing. And it shows. Magna Steyr is extremely capable but all roads lead back to Fisker. The Fisker Ocean is not as technically refined as products by BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. There is good reason why Fisker wanted a $5,000 non-refundable deposit. Technical excellence and design refinement take time and cost money.

    1. Thank you for sharing your perspective Paul. It’s always nice to hear different opinions when discussing automotive design and engineering, especially when it comes to Fisker.

      You make a valid point about Henrik Fisker’s strengths in design and marketing, which have indeed been key drivers of his success in the automotive industry. Fisker is known for his ability to create visually striking and unique designs that capture the attention of consumers.

      However, as you rightly noted, the automotive industry is not just about design aesthetics; it also requires a high level of technical excellence to compete with established brands like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. These companies have a long history of engineering expertise and technical refinement, which has earned them a reputation for producing high-quality vehicles.

      That said, Fisker, like many other electric vehicle startups, is working to make its mark in an industry that’s rapidly evolving. It will be interesting to see how the Fisker Ocean and future models fare in terms of technical innovation and refinement as they continue to develop and refine their technology.

  2. Sean. These messages resonate with a lot of people. I really like these videos/clips! Others, though, are certainly inclined to scoff (at least for now).

    Fisker vehicles are stunning. And, as I have said so many times (and will continue to say)…truly delivering on these Fisker values requires well-built, durable, reliable, vehicles that establish high levels of trust in the Fisker brand…these are what will create that emotional connection. These are also the things that will one day win over the scoffers.

    Few can honestly argue against the exceptional designs. But without trust, there can be no enduring emotional connection to the Fisker brand.

    I look forward to watching the Fisker Inc. story unfold. I am rooting for them.

What are your thoughts?