It’s Built! Fisker Ocean Made for UK Drivers

Henrik Fisker showed off the first fully built right-hand drive Fisker Ocean at Magna Steyr quite possibly the one we saw on the assembly line last year.

Right-Hand Drive Fisker Ocean
First sighting of right-hand drive Fisker Ocean at Magna Steyr (Graz, Austria).

Today, we received an update from Henrik Fisker on the right-hand drive Fisker Ocean for United Kingdom drivers. Henrik shared that he was at Magna Steyr today and said, “Sitting in the first right hand drive Fisker Ocean produced!” The photo shows him sitting in a Fisker Ocean giving the camera a thumbs up. The exterior of the electric SUV is painted in Great White.

In mid-December, Henrik shared a photo of the first right-hand drive Fisker Ocean rolling down the assembly line at Magna Steyr. That was 55 days ago. Right-hand drive Fisker Oceans will be sold in markets like the United Kingdom. The UK is one of Fisker’s launch markets for the Fisker Ocean. Previously, Fisker expected right-hand drive Fisker Oceans to be available in mid-2023 for customers in the United Kingdom. Henrik confirmed that today by saying, “UK deliveries July.”

Fisker’s transportation partner created a frenzy last month in London. The company posted several photos of a Fisker Ocean on the streets of the capital city. The company transported a left-hand drive Fisker Ocean to London and posted it to their social media. The photos had a caption of “special delivery” for Henrik Fisker. It was enough to get reservation holders excited that something was brewing in the capital city.

Send the Right-Hand Drive Ocean to England!

The Fisker Ocean hasn’t appeared publicly in the United Kingdom since Goodwood Festival of Speed. The electric SUV has been all over Europe since then. Fisker hasn’t shared when a London pop-up event will happen. According to our poll from last week, Londoners can’t wait to see the Fisker Ocean in person. London appeared among the top 10 places Fisker enthusiasts want to see the Fisker Ocean pop-up next. We expect a Fisker Ocean to appear soon in the capital city. Maybe it will even be the right-hand drive Fisker Ocean Henrik was sitting in today?

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1 thought on “It’s Built! Fisker Ocean Made for UK Drivers

  1. So they have been “in production” since November, and now in February we see the first fully built right-hand driver? How about a fully built left-hand driver? I know they can’t be at the scale of Toyota and doing a car every 15 hours.. but I haven’t heard of even a single car being delivered yet.

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