Hundreds of Fisker Ocean Ones Locked & Confirmed

Customers from all over the world, including Canada, had their Ocean One builds locked today and Fisker already confirmed orders issuing individual sequence numbers.

Today, Fisker locked builds, confirmed orders, and issued sequence numbers for a lot of customers. By our estimation, at the stroke of midnight, there were hundreds of customers from all over the world that had their Ocean One builds locked. Then, in record time, Fisker congratulated customers with Order Confirmation emails this afternoon issuing individual sequence numbers. Fisker has certainly picked up the pace with turning around order confirmations. This is good news for customers waiting for this moment, which we know can feel like eternity.

Fisker Ocean One launch vehicle limited to 5,000 units.

Since yesterday, as part of the Ocean One Project, we hadn’t seen any Ocean One sequence numbers issued for Fisker customers in either Canada or United Kingdom. However, that’s all changed as of this afternoon. In fact, this afternoon we’ve seen multiple sequence numbers issued to Canadian customers. Furthermore, delivery quarters issued today across this cohort of Ocean One customers was for “Late Q2/Q3” along with those living in Canada. We couldn’t be happier for everyone including our Fisker friends up north.

Welcome to the Fisker Ocean One Club!

Some of the sequence numbers we’ve seen today on Fiskerati Forums include #913, #1063, #1474, #2010, #2098, #2185, #2354, #2542, #2692, #2695, #2772, #2932, #3219, #3465, #3487, #3536, #3551, #3993, #3997, and #4036. And we are waiting patiently for the next group of Fisker customers with build lock dates on the horizon.

The team has received your order, and we have everything we need to start production of your Fisker Ocean One! We are excited to present your vehicle's unique Number Sequence. This number authenticates that your Fisker Ocean One is one of the first 5,000 vehicles built by Fisker Inc. As one of our first 5,000 owners, you will always have access to your Number Sequence via the Central Touchscreen of your Fisker Ocean One.

An Idea for Fisker (Sequence Numbers)

Henrik Fisker sketching the Fisker Ocean electric SUV.
Henrik Fisker sketching the Fisker Ocean electric SUV.

Someone recently asked us what’s so important about sequence numbers anyway? In our opinion, as someone who collected trading cards growing up, if the Fisker Ocean is a success (which we think it will be), then some of these early launch vehicles could be valuable collector’s items.

Our sequence number is not likely very interesting to a collector unless #0469 or #469 is sentimental. However, lower sequence numbers and round sequence numbers are better from a collectibility standpoint (e.g., #1 through #10, #100, #250, #500, #1000, #5000). For most of us, it’s just a number, fun, part of a club, etc. Personally, we think it’s pretty fun, but the possibilities are endless.

Right now, all we know about sequence numbers is that they authenticate your Fisker Ocean One is one of the first 5,000 vehicles built by Fisker. However, we don’t know how Fisker will use these sequence numbers in the future. Maybe Fisker won’t do anything further with them, but they probably have something here to build on.

For example, Fisker Ocean One sequence numbers could become NFTs of sorts, kind of like CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, Moonbirds, and Doodles. Some of these NFT offer special benefits and perks like access to real world events and limited edition merch. Fisker is very familiar with NFTs and this seems like a natural extension to what they have already started!

Fisker by Hand: OCEAN Concept Collection is a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of original pen on paper sketches from the hand of founder and Chief Designer Henrik Fisker, available via auction with a portion benefiting charitable causes. 

Fisker Inc is always looking for ways to improve the relationship with our customers, fans, and stakeholders.

NFTs offer collectible artwork that can be enjoyed, sold, or traded. The Fisker by Hand: OCEAN Concept Collection NFT auction provides participants with an opportunity to partake in a charitable endeavor today, while in the future, NFT owners will enjoy exclusive invitations to bespoke events curated by Fisker.

Each Fisker by Hand: OCEAN Concept Collection NFT symbolizes a specific pen on paper design inspiration from Henrik Fisker. Each NFT will be minted into one-time, small-batch, numbered groupings, maintaining scarcity and authenticity.

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