Henrik Fisker’s Summer Road Trip: Glimpses of Owning a Fisker Ocean

Join Henrik Fisker on his electrifying road trip from London to Graz in the Fisker Ocean with glimpses of EV charging and FI-Pilot in action along the way.

Today, we get a few glimpses of what to expect while owning a Fisker Ocean as Henrik Fisker recently shared his road trip experience. He drove from London, England to Graz, Austria in a Fisker Ocean electric SUV. A Better Routeplanner estimates the journey to be around 900 miles. We believe Henrik took a route that took nearly 16 hours, including a 35-minute ferry ride across the Channel Tunnel from England to France and five charging stops totaling 2 hours and 5 minutes.

It seems that Henrik and his wife Geeta Gupta-Fisker embarked on this road trip last week. Geeta, the Co-Founder, CFO, and COO of Fisker, shared a photo of herself sitting in a Fisker Ocean last weekend as they passed by student housing at Biosciences University of Kent, where she attended 20 years ago. Now, Henrik provides us with a couple of glimpses from their road trip, and it’s always exciting to see the Fisker Ocean in action!

Charging and Infotainment on the Go

What makes these video clips even cooler is that they were taken in real-world settings. Henrik Fisker mentioned, “I just drove from London to Austria/Graz in a Fisker Ocean EV! It was a fun trip, especially in Germany where there is no speed limit. I cruised at 205 km/h (125 mph)! Later, I relaxed and watched a series on Apple TV while charging!” In the first video clip, we can see Henrik charging his car while on the road, enjoying Silo on Apple TV from the rotating infotainment screen. The Infotainment Widget on the Driver Display provides a glimpse of the charging speed. It’s great to have the ability to enjoy entertainment while the electric vehicle recharges!

Fisker Ocean’s Intelligent Pilot in Action

Furthermore, Henrik showcases something we have never seen before in a real-world setting. He captured the FI-Pilot (Fisker Intelligent Pilot) in action during their mini road trip through Europe. In the video clip, most likely filmed by Geeta from the passenger seat, Henrik can be seen with no hands on the steering wheel while the Fisker Ocean drives itself. We can hear the warning beep prompting Henrik to put his hands back on the steering wheel as he says, “FI-Pilot, don’t try this at home.” It’s incredibly fascinating to witness the ADAS technology and what appears to be Lane Keep Assist in action. We are already planning our own road trips in the Fisker Ocean and are excited to utilize this feature!

Arriving in Graz, Austria to New Paint Color

When Henrik arrived in Graz, Austria at the CO2 neutral factory building Fisker Oceans, we showcases a new exterior paint color. The video clip pans from right to left, capturing a Fisker Ocean in the distance with a Blue Planet exterior and 22″ F5a AirGlider wheels first. Then, we observe three Fisker Oceans, sporting a Big Sur Blue and Great White exterior, followed by the new paint color captured on video. The video caught the Fisker Ocean with 22″ F3a SlipStream wheels, showcasing a stunning Sun Soaked exterior. Let us know what you think about this paint color in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Henrik Fisker’s Summer Road Trip: Glimpses of Owning a Fisker Ocean

    1. The Fisker Ocean Sport has a base price of $37,500, and the upcoming Fisker PEAR will offer a similarly impressive experience at an even more accessible starting price.

  1. I only see two videos from the road trip? Both were among the best videos to date nearly confirming the Fisker software issues are over if they ever existed. But their Comms team is underselling the vehicle again. Why promote this awesome road trip where everyone can see the Ocean in extended real world action and only to post 2 minutes of driving.

    Yes, they deserve some privacy if on vacation, but seems like without asking much more of them, Comms could have serialized this journey to create excitement and showed many more ways the Fisker’s driving comforts and advanced tech distinguish it in a real point to point experience.

    1. You make valid points about the software. It’s highly likely that these candid videos haven’t gone through Fisker’s communications process. It’s truly fascinating to observe the electric SUV in action.

  2. Is the FI-Pilot (Fisker Intelligent Pilot) homegrown? FSD – any variant or complexity is a notoriously difficult job to pulll off safely and sucks in lot of money. This demo is definitely impressive and unexpected – Would be curious to know the details.

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