Henrik Fisker’s Promise: Overcoming Supplier Issues for Timely Fisker Ocean Deliveries

Henrik Fisker’s acknowledgment of the frustrations surrounding delayed deliveries of the Fisker Ocean and supplier issues marks a positive step forward for the sustainable electric SUV maker.

Fisker Ocean electric SUVs undergoing assembly at Magna Steyr.
Fisker Ocean electric SUVs undergoing assembly at Magna Steyr.

Today, the Chairman and CEO of Fisker personally sent us a message about our Fisker Ocean One. In a recent email to order and reservation holders, Henrik Fisker addressed the frustrations surrounding delayed deliveries of the highly anticipated Fisker Ocean electric vehicle. Fisker acknowledged the annoyance caused by suppliers failing to meet deadlines. However, Henrik assured customers that his company is now prepared to expedite deliveries on a faster schedule.

Delivery Logistics and Expectations

Despite the need to catch up on production, Henrik Fisker cautioned that waiting periods would still be inevitable. He explained that due to the complexities of delivering to multiple countries and customizing vehicles for individual customers, it might be challenging to provide precise delivery dates. Furthermore, logistical considerations such as coordinating oceangoing cargo shipments or transport trucks may require adjustments along the way. It now makes perfect sense why Fisker Oceans are piling up at Magna Steyr.

Commitment to Improvement

However, Henrik expressed a firm commitment to improving their processes and striving for greater accuracy in meeting delivery expectations. He assured customers that dedicated teams worldwide are working tirelessly, day and night, to ensure prompt delivery of the Fisker Ocean. Fisker also expressed his gratitude for the patience exhibited by early customers, emphasizing their crucial role in the brand’s journey and the creation of history together.

Gratitude for Early Customers: Making History Together

Fisker’s email showcases their determination and sincere commitment to efficiently fulfilling customer orders, despite the challenges faced by the brand. The company is focused on continuous improvement and aims to overcome obstacles. They will do this by offering enhanced transparency throughout the process. Fisker’s primary goal is to deliver the eagerly awaited Fisker Ocean to their customers as soon as possible. As the anticipation builds, customers can find comfort in knowing that their patience will ultimately contribute to the success of this pioneering electric vehicle brand.

In Henrik Fisker’s Words…

Dear Order and Reservation Holders,

I know it’s extremely annoying not to get your Fisker Ocean when you expect it! I’m equally annoyed that we had some suppliers who didn’t deliver on time. But we are now ready to move forward with deliveries on a faster timetable. We have some catch up to do, so there will still be waiting periods. And because we are delivering to several different countries and need to plan the individual build for your vehicle, it might be difficult to provide exact delivery dates. We might also have to make changes due to logistics -- for example, having sufficient vehicles ready to fill an oceangoing cargo shipment or a transport truck.

But I promise you that as we progress, we will continue to improve our processes and strive to be more accurate, fulfilling your delivery expectations. Believe me, our teams across the world are working day and night to deliver your Fisker Ocean as soon as possible. We are grateful for your patience that we need as a new and upcoming brand.

Thank you for being an early customer and helping us make history together!

Henrik Fisker

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4 thoughts on “Henrik Fisker’s Promise: Overcoming Supplier Issues for Timely Fisker Ocean Deliveries

  1. Weren’t all these delays supposed to be anticipated? Didn’t he brag about having a lean, dedicated, agile model to adjust to just these sorts of challenges and deliver on time. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but seems to me (as an ocean one reservation holder) that fisker’s falling flat on their face right out of the gate…..

  2. I have two reserved and locked in one for production and will soon lock in the other. Have patience, this is a new company and they will have growing pains.

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