Fully Charged Review: Does the Fisker Ocean Live Up to the Hype?

Jack Scarlett of Fully Charged reviews the Fisker Ocean Extreme showcasing the sustainable EV with style and substance.

Today, we are sharing the long-awaited video review of the Fisker Ocean Extreme by Fully Charged, the world’s number one electric vehicle channel on YouTube. We can add this to the other reviews that dropped yesterday. In this new video review, Jack Scarlett goes for a drive in the all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV. He experiences the longest range electric SUV priced under $200,000, discusses its eco-friendly footprint, and a host of exciting features, including California Mode. There is a reason we’ve been waiting for this video review since he covered the electric SUV last year. He answers the age old question, does the Fisker Ocean live up to the hype?

Video Review Recap

Jack Scarlett of Fully Charged Show reviews the Fisker Ocean.
Jack Scarlett of Fully Charged Show reviews the Fisker Ocean.

First and foremost, Jack gives some background on the Fisker Ocean, a car enthusiasts’ dream for a very long time. He says it’s not just about being the world’s longest-range electric SUV. It’s about being one of the most sustainable EVs ever made. He talks about the mastermind behind this vehicle, none other than Henrik Fisker, the legendary car designer known for creating stunning cars like the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin DB9. He says the car is more than just another electric vehicle; it’s a statement about sustainability and responsible manufacturing.

Jack loves the driving experience and says the Fisker Ocean surprises with its comfortable and squishy ride, despite riding on 22-inch wheels. The different driving modes allow owners to adjust between eco-friendly Earth, sporty Fun, and adrenaline-pumping Hyper mode. In the video, he makes us laugh for his reason to choosing Earth Mode instead of trying out Boost Mode!

Exterior Design, A Head-Turner

The first thing that captures Jack’s attention is the Fisker Ocean’s outstanding design. He describes it as boxy, chunky, and muscular, with slim headlights and a squared-off nose that gives it a distinct and bold appearance. He goes on to share the Red Planet exterior enhances the overall look, doesn’t like the faux grill section, but says it’s forgivable considering the car’s aesthetics.

Jack notices the attention to sustainability being evident with the solar panel mounted into the glass sunroof, providing additional range per year from energy harvested by the sun. It also features a charge port with vehicle-to-load, vehicle-to-grid, and vehicle-to-vehicle capabilities, enhancing the vehicle’s practicality. Simply put, he loves the design of the Fisker Ocean.

Interior Offers Rugged Charm and Clever Gadgets

Entering the Fisker Ocean’s cabin reveals its distinct personality. Jack describes the interior design as rugged, chunky, and effective, with user-friendly features. He likes the large buttons on the steering wheel. Also, he commends the easy-to-reach physical controls for volume and fan speed making it a delight to operate.

One of Jack’s favorite features is California Mode. For instance, this unique feature opens eight glass panels, transforming the Fisker Ocean into a semi-convertible adding a touch of fun to the driving experience. The spacious backseat with plenty of headroom and legroom is impressive as he perform’s the “Jack Test.” He also likes the thoughtful storage spaces and unique touches like taco trays for driver and front passenger.

Infotainment and Software Features, Some Improvements Needed

Jack shares that the infotainment system in the Fisker Ocean offers a simple and easy-to-navigate interface. However, he reports lag and some frustration with the software, and that it currently lacks Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support. He says that Fisker has assured owners that they are actively working on these issues, but he believes it’s an area that needs improvement.

Battery Options, A Range for Everyone

On the bright side, Jack commends the Fisker Ocean’s efficiency. He says with the large battery and clever motor decoupling in Earth mode are a standout. The electric SUV can achieve an impressive range as he describes in the video review. For example, he believes the large battery might seem excessive to some. However, it caters to American customers in vast regions where charging infrastructure is limited.

Sustainability, Fisker’s Commitment to the Environment

According to Jack, what sets the Fisker apart is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Fisker has taken an asset-light approach by partnering with Magna, an experienced car manufacturer, to handle production. The use of 50 kilograms (110 pounds) of recycled material in the Fisker Ocean’s interior, recycled carbon inserts in the 22-inch wheels, and eco-friendly tires all reflect the brand’s dedication to green practices.

Furthermore, Fisker has provided a life cycle assessment of the Fisker Ocean. The company has been openly sharing their efforts to reduce carbon emissions throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle. Their goal is to build the greenest cars possible. The company has been transparent about their progress, Jack even compares Fisker Ocean’s sustainability achievements with other models on the market.

Jack’s Conclusion – Fisker Ocean, The Real Deal

The Fisker Ocean is more than just a long-range electric SUV; it’s a statement of intent for sustainable manufacturing. With its rugged charm, clever gadgets, and commitment to the environment, Jack thinks the Fisker Ocean is set to make a lasting impact in the electric vehicle market.

Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer in need of a big battery or a city dweller seeking practicality and style at an affordable price, the Fisker Ocean has something for everyone. Fisker is a car brand that puts sustainability first. He says we can’t help but be excited about the future it promises for the EV industry.

In conclusion, Jack proclaims the Fisker Ocean is undoubtedly worth the wait and the hype. It’s an electric SUV that combines style and substance in a way that’s hard to ignore. With its focus on sustainability, unique features like California mode, and exceptional value for money, Jack believes the Fisker Ocean stands out as a true game-changer in the world of electric vehicles. And we couldn’t agree more with his assessment!

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