Fisker’s Delivery Schedule Update Causes Confusion Among Customers

Fisker sends out email with “Enhanced Delivery Updates for Ocean One” heading to various customers, including PEAR customers, leading to confusion and discussions.

Fisker Ocean One SUVs at Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria.
Fisker Ocean One SUVs at Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria.

Today, Fisker is sending out an email with subject line “Delivery Schedule Update” to various segments of its customers, but apparently all emails have a heading titled “Enhanced Delivery Updates for Ocean One”. We have confirmed this information through close friends, members of the Fiskerati Forums, and on social media. Fisker is sending the email to customers who have pre-ordered a Fisker Ocean One, as well as some who have reserved Ultra and Sport trims. Even customers who have reserved a Fisker PEAR are receiving this email communication about enhanced delivery updates for Ocean One. As a result, it is causing a lot of confusion.

What Does The Email Say?

The email had our Fisker Ocean One number sequence at the top followed by our order number below. The message states that the Fisker team dedicates itself to providing excellent customer service. With the start of deliveries for the Ocean One, Fisker is now able to provide more accurate estimated delivery timelines. Presumably for Ocean One customers since all emails have a heading titled, “Enhanced Delivery Updates for Ocean One”.

Nevertheless, Fisker says they are currently finalizing schedules for high-volume, high-quality parts from sustainable suppliers and addressing any issues with a few other suppliers. They say that while speed is important, they prioritize quality control to ensure any component quality issues are resolved before installation in vehicles. (This is the first time we’ve heard such a statement from Fisker. Previously, there was mention of having two challenges with specifically one Tier 1 supplier that requested additional time for tool integration as their tooling vendors had setbacks due to bankruptcy in Europe.)

The email acknowledges that customers are eagerly awaiting a final delivery date and expresses gratitude for their patience. (This could be nothing further from the truth.) Apparently, Fisker is working to expedite the process and fulfill all orders as quickly as possible. They have scheduled the release of final delivery dates for some customers during the week of June 26. The company says a message will be sent in the following weeks with additional delivery schedules and updates. It emphasizes that delivering the vehicles is their top priority.

Communication Causing Confusion

While it’s possible that not every Fisker customer has received such an email, we are sharing an email that many of our readers may have received. This communication has sparked a lot of discussion on Fiskerati Forums and has caused confusion among those who have received it. For example, a close friend of ours who ordered a Fisker PEAR received this email, which has nothing to do with his order. As for us, and customers that received the “first wave” delivery email in the United States for Ocean Ones, we’re not sure what this email means. Maybe we will learn more this week? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Enhanced Delivery Updates for Ocean One

Dear Sean,

Our Fisker team is committed to providing you with first-class customer service and satisfaction. Now that deliveries of the Ocean One have begun, we can more accurately gauge estimated delivery timelines. You can expect us to provide you with more frequent updates in the coming weeks.

We are in the process of finalizing our ramp-up schedules for high-volume, high-quality parts from sustainable suppliers and resolving issues with a few others previously mentioned. Although speed of delivery is important, our emphasis on quality control helps us recognize and resolve any component quality issues before they are installed in vehicles.

We recognize that many of our customers are eagerly awaiting a final delivery date, and we appreciate your patience. Our team is working to expedite the process and fulfill all orders as soon as possible.

We have scheduled the release of final delivery dates for some customers during the week of June 26. We will send a second message in the coming weeks that will include additional delivery schedules and the latest updates. Please know that delivering your vehicle is our top priority.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to a Fisker Rådgiver at [email protected]

Thank you for joining us on the journey toward A Clean Future for All.

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12 thoughts on “Fisker’s Delivery Schedule Update Causes Confusion Among Customers

  1. I don’t think that the email I received was confusing at all. It clearly stated “Ocean One”….if others received emails that specifically pointed to the Ultra or PEAR, there should have been no confusion. I believe that folks are just anxious to receive these cars. I salute Fisker for trying to keep customers informed and hope that they continue to keep the community informed.

  2. While I am tired of seeing Fisker logos in front of me as I drive in my neighborhood, I would rather wait for all supply and quality issues to be resolved before I receive my Ocean and Pear. I’m also concerned about the valuation of my fsr stock. My message to all is “stay the course,be patient and everything will work out better then you expected “.

  3. The email raises concerns for me regarding potential delays in the delivery process, given the information provided. It lacks transparency, and it appears that they are being ambiguous about their estimate on delivery dates.

  4. I have a PEAR deposit, and so I was surprised to receive the email that appears designed for Ocean One orders. But no news is not good news, so I am happy to continue to received emails from Fisker, Inc.

  5. I ordered the Sport trim and I got the same exact email as yours. Although , I don’t find it confusing at all. I believe it’s nice from them to let us know that they may have some vendor issues but are trying their best.

  6. Ordered one, number in the 1400s and no email. Not sure if thst means mines almost ready or they lost mine lol

What are your thoughts?