Fisker Opens Pre-Orders for Ocean Force E Off-Road Package

Fisker opens pre-ordering for the Fisker Ocean Force E off-road package, priced at $14,000.

Fisker Ocean Force E Package.
Fisker Ocean Force E Package.

Today, marks the end of the wait – Fisker is now taking pre-order deposits for the Fisker Ocean Force E package. Fisker is allowing customers to place a $250 deposit today. This comes after it released further details about its off-road package yesterday morning. Customers will be reserving their place in line for this Fisker Ocean off-road upgrade for the Extreme and Ultra trims. Fisker states that the Force E package is dynamic and durable, built for what they call “Electric Off-Road,” a new driving experience.

Furthermore, the company has also released pricing for its off-road package. The estimated cost is $14,000 on top of the existing Ocean pricing. For instance, the Ocean Extreme priced at $68,999. The combined total for the vehicle plus the package would be approximately $83,000 in the United States. This off-road package will become available for retail closer to late Q1 2024. Customers that pre-order today will among the first to experience this new off-road package.

What does the Force E Package include?

The Fisker Ocean Force E package isn’t just a cosmetic makeover. It’s a dynamic transformation that equips your Fisker Ocean with the tools it needs to conquer uncharted territories. Here’s what you can expect:

  • 33-Inch Tires on 20-Inch Wheels: Prepare to dominate rough terrains with confidence as you ride on larger-than-life 33-inch tires. These tires are mounted on rugged 20-inch wheels.
  • Special Dampers: Experience a smooth and controlled ride even in the harshest conditions, thanks to the specially designed dampers that absorb shocks and vibrations.
  • Skid Plates and Underbody Protection: Safeguard your Fisker Ocean against obstacles and rough trails with heavy-duty skid plates and underbody protection, ensuring your vehicle remains damage-free.
  • Off-Road Mode: Engage the Electric Off-Road mode to unlock optimized powertrain settings tailored for off-road exploration. This mode will be conveniently delivered through an over-the-air (OTA) update.

Pre-Order Now: Customers can pre-order this package now by visiting the Fisker Shop.

Development Underway, Details Subject to Change

The Fisker Ocean Force E package is currently in development and in pre-production stages. This means that features and details are subject to change. As a result, production price and timing are approximate and could change due to supply chain limitations and other factors. Fisker also says extra fees might apply for delivery and installation if bought separately from the Fisker Ocean.

Furthermore, Fisker advises to have the Force E package installed by an authorized service center. This is recommended to uphold the warranty of the electric SUV. The company will provide additional warranty details at a later date. Lastly, it’s important to note that, similar to any off-road package, components like off-road tires will impact factors such as acceleration speed and range. Fisker will publish detailed specifications as it gets closer to production readiness.

In Fisker’s Words…

We are now accepting pre-order deposits for the Fisker Ocean Force E package, a special off-road offering developed to maximize adventure in the Fisker Ocean. The Force E package is dynamic and durable, built for a new kind of driving we call Electric Off-Road.

Your deposit today will secure your approximate spot in line to purchase the upgrade closer to retail availability targeted for late Q1 2024.

The Package Includes:
• 33-inch tires on 20-inch wheels
• Special dampers
• Skid plates and underbody protection
• Off-road Mode: Provides vehicle powertrain settings tuned for off-road exploration.
   Off-road mode will be delivered via over-the-air (OTA) update.

The Force E package can be applied as an aftermarket item at the time of purchase or retrofitted to an existing Fisker Ocean Extreme, Ocean One, and available for the Ultra trim at a later date. Order your Fisker Extreme now so you are ready to receive the Force E package when it arrives.

This aftermarket package will be available for the Fisker Ocean Extreme and Ocean One trims and will add an estimated $14,000 on top of the existing Ocean pricing. The total combined vehicle + package price would start at approximately $83,000 USD.

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