Fisker Oceans Everywhere: Test Drive Event and Vibrant San Diego Owner’s Meetup

Filled with surprises, an electrifying day at The Lodge, test drive event thrills and camaraderie at San Diego owner’s meetup.

Today, we attended the Fisker Ocean test drive event in San Diego at The Lodge at Torrey Pines. It was a spectacular event with Fisker Oceans everywhere. Fisker showcased five electric SUVs for attendees to explore and experience firsthand. Among these were the Fisker Oceans in Big Sur Blue, Mariana, and Horizon Gray. Henrik Fisker even made a surprise appearance to greet attendees.

Numerous attendees, including Fisker Ocean reservation holders and potential customers, took the opportunity to test drive the electric vehicles themselves. The test drive itself encompassed freeway and highway driving and lasted approximately 13 minutes. Post-test drives, we engaged with several individuals who expressed their enthusiasm for the exceptional driving experience.

To further surprise, Fisker unveiled the Fisker Ocean Force E. The off-roading machine appeared remarkably captivating in natural light. This prototype was a primary highlight for all event participants. Among them was an owner who had already pre-ordered the off-road package for his Ocean One! We captured plenty of this electric off-road vehicle in this YouTube video.

San Diego Owner’s Meetup @ The Lodge at Torrey Pines

San Diego Fisker Ocean Owner's Meetup (pictured from left to right, Sean, Al, David, and Michael).
San Diego Fisker Ocean Owner’s Meetup (pictured from left to right, Sean, Al, David, and Michael).

With Fisker’s blessing, we held a Fisker Ocean owner’s meetup at The Lodge during Fisker’s test drive event. We reached the hotel about an hour before the event started. We secured prime parking by the entrance to the hotel lobby and lined up our vehicle. One by one, current Fisker Ocean owners began to arrive parking behind our electric SUV. This included two Fisker Oceans with a Silver Lining exterior, two in Big Sur Blue, and ours in Night Drive.

Observing Fisker Ocean owners in San Diego come together with a shared enthusiasm for their electric SUV was truly heartening. This gathering also offered owner’s a chance to acquire insights from fellow owners, ranging from car maintenance to implementing modifications. Furthermore, our electric SUVs on-site pleased attendees too, as the distinct exterior colors provided extra visual appeal.

Our presence at the event spanned approximately five hours, during which we all had the privilege to meet current and prospective owners. We eagerly anticipate more Fisker Ocean owner’s meetups in San Diego and Southern California, coinciding with the increasing deliveries to owners in the upcoming weeks and beyond. We can’t wait to see you at the next owner’s meetup!

Here are some photos from the test drive event and owner’s meetup including ariel drone video courtesy of Mark Read, a future Fisker Ocean owner.

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