Fisker Oceans Arrive at Port, Hundreds of Fisker Customers Visit Cars & Coffee Event

Fisker Oceans steal the spotlight among supercars at cars and coffee event, while more Fisker Oceans continue to arrive at ports in anticipation of customer deliveries.

Today, we’re providing you with boots-on-the-ground updates. Firstly, we’re excited to share that Fisker Oceans are now arriving regularly to the United States via ocean transport every few days. We’ve confirmed this with people familiar with Fisker logistics including port workers. It might be hard to believe, but it’s unfolding right before our eyes. Henrik Fisker himself has also verified the ongoing arrival of cars in the United States on a frequent basis. He shared a photo earlier today with Fisker Oceans awaiting transport to nearby distribution centers, for customers to shortly take delivery.

More Than Just A Caffeine Buzz

Henrik Fisker shares new photo of Fisker Oceans at port.
Henrik Fisker shares new photo of Fisker Oceans at port.

This development couldn’t be more positive for Ocean One customers and the 65,000+ reservation holders. But here’s an even better highlight. We spent the morning at a local cars and coffee event in North San Diego County with our Fisker Oceans. We arrived at the Rancho Santa Fe Cars & Coffee event by 7:45 AM, intentionally parking away from the exotic car area to avoid any issues due to having an electric vehicle. As a result, attendees actively sought us out – and they succeeded!

The best part is that as time went on, a growing number of people approached us to greet and explore our Fisker Ocean, prominently displaying its Night Drive exterior, along with another electric SUV in Blue Planet from a fellow Fiskerati Forum member. We must of had well over 300 to 400 attendees stop by amidst the presence of Lamborghinis and Ferraris. The Fisker Ocean claimed center stage and seized the spotlight! The atmosphere buzzed with excitement, and we felt immense joy in providing fellow Fisker customers the opportunity to witness a Fisker Ocean, often marking their first experience with it.

A Remarkable Gathering

Although we extended an invitation to Fisker to join us, unfortunately, we didn’t receive a response. (Perhaps in the future, Fisker might get in touch to collaborate on an event here in San Diego.) However, a Fisker Karma owner actively sought us out and parked their vehicle right beside ours. The event turned out to be fantastic, witnessing numerous smiling faces and engaging in discussions about our experiences.

We had the pleasure of interacting with several dozen Fiskerati readers and forum members. Some attendees even relishing their first opportunity to sit inside the Fisker Ocean. Notably, the 6’9″ husband of a Fiskerati reader comfortably settled into the front passenger seat. We extend heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us and eagerly anticipate our next gathering, where your Ocean will proudly sit alongside ours!

Lots of excitement at cars and coffee event in Northern San Diego County. Below are some photos from the event. Here is a YouTube video for you to check out too!

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5 thoughts on “Fisker Oceans Arrive at Port, Hundreds of Fisker Customers Visit Cars & Coffee Event

  1. Brave man letting people sit in your car. I’ll gladly show mine off but no way risking a Seinfeld moment with permanent BO permeating my interior 😂

  2. California, Florida, New York. You don’t seem to consider the rest of the USA and rather focus on those states and European countries. When will the unimportant potential customers in the US get a chance to experience the Ocean?

    1. We will share your feedback with the Fisker team. This event was organized by Fisker Ocean owners at the grassroots level, bringing together coffee and car enthusiasts!

  3. While I look forward to greater availability of demos consistently in more places, it’s only fair to say there have been events showing off the Ocean in other places across the USA.

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