Fisker Ocean Sets New Standards: Achieving the Lowest Carbon Footprint Among Electric SUVs

We take a close look at Fisker’s 2023 life cycle assessment report, which reveals the automaker’s unprecedented commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint.

Figure showing the carbon footprint of specific parts of the Fisker Ocean.

Today, Fisker announced that the Fisker Ocean has achieved the lowest published carbon footprint of any electric SUV in its market segment. The company has released a 35-page Life Cycle Assessment Report (LCA). It supports Fisker’s claims of having the world’s most sustainable vehicles. The LCA highlights unprecedented sustainability through 5 phases of the vehicle’s life cycle. It begins with raw materials to the vehicle’s “end of use.” According to Patrick Newsom, Fisker’s Head of ESG, “This LCA is a critical step toward meeting our aspiration to create a climate-neutral vehicle by 2027. It represents our values and meaningful sustainability actions through measurement and transparency.”

The “world’s most sustainable vehicle” lives up to its ambitious promise. For example, the electric SUV surpasses any other electric SUV in its market segment with the lowest published carbon footprint. (This is true in more ways than one!) Fisker achieves this by actively utilizing mostly primary data for their LCA, rather than using estimates and assumptions. For instance, Fisker pushes Tier 1 suppliers to provide accurate carbon accounting and maintain transparency at unprecedented levels regarding their processes, measurement, and the impact on the earth and atmosphere. The company strictly adheres to ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14067, and standards set by Greenhouse Gas Protocol in their processes.

Fisker’s Dedication to Sustainability and Quality in Vehicle Production

Figure showing the “end of use” process for
Fisker Ocean vehicles.

In the report, Henrik Fisker emphasizes the company’s dedication to create the world’s most emotional and sustainable vehicles. Fisker’s teams work diligently to ensure sustainability without compromising on quality and design. The recently conducted Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) reflects their efforts to reduce environmental impact throughout the vehicle’s entire life cycle.

Fisker acknowledges that customers have various choices in personal mobility and aims to provide the most sustainable options in the growing EV market. They approach sustainability seriously and scientifically, considering it a labor-intensive but crucial endeavor. Fisker is a purpose-driven company with a strong focus on clean personal mobility.

The LCA has been an essential companion in guiding early production and procurement processes, leading to environmental improvements in design, materials sourcing, use/charging, and future dismantling and recycling. The report demonstrates a technical understanding of the vehicles’ carbon footprint, indicating their meticulous approach to reducing environmental impact.

Fisker uses the term “end of use” instead of “end of life” to support circular economy ideals, valuing the commodities present in their vehicles. They focus on understanding and evaluating processes to find sustainable solutions, considering their products as a continuous work-in-progress. Additionally, Fisker constantly seeks innovative ways to enhance their environmental footprint. This remarkable approach is one of the primary reasons we choose to spend our free time covering the company.

Furthermore, Fisker aims to be a pioneer in sustainable thinking and influence other brands to prioritize sustainability in their actions. Below is a copy of the 2023 Fisker Ocean LCA report.

“Since we founded Fisker Inc., building the most sustainable electric vehicles is not just a marketing slogan; it’s core to our culture. It means shifting antiquated thought processes from across a 100-year-old industry, challenging the supply chain down to the most minute details, working with partners to improve the way cars are assembled, the energy they are charged with, and working on the way our vehicles are recycled after they come off the road. Our LCA confirms that climate neutrality has been a priority, since well before we started building vehicles.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

2023 Fisker Ocean LCA Report

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