Fisker Ocean Secrets: A Remarkable Handover Experience with Henrik Fisker

Henrik Fisker himself captivates us with a Fisker Ocean handover experience, unveiling hidden secrets while providing a guided mini-tour.

Today, we take a look at Henrik Fisker handing over a Fisker Ocean in Big Sur Blue to long-time blogger, Oliver Krüger, who has been passionate about electric mobility for nearly a decade. We have translated the video primarily in German and tried to make sense of it to see what’s new. Recently, Oliver had the incredible opportunity to meet Henrik Fisker, the visionary behind the Fisker Ocean. With the assistance of the Fisker team, Oliver experienced a truly special moment. In this blog post, we will recount the unforgettable journey when Henrik Fisker personally handed over the Fisker Ocean One at the Fisker Center+ in Munich, Germany. Alongside the handover, Henrik also shared fascinating details about the Fisker Ocean that haven’t been released yet. Get ready to join us on this remarkable adventure!

The Handover with Henrik Fisker

As Oliver arrived at the Fisker Center+ in Munich, the anticipation was palpable. Armed with a camera, Oliver was ready to capture every moment of this exclusive experience. To his surprise and delight, Henrik Fisker himself was present for the delivery. Filming the handover, Henrik wasted no time in revealing exciting secrets about the Fisker Ocean. It was an honor for Oliver to have Henrik explain every aspect of the car personally. Throughout the handover, Oliver couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude.

Fisker Ocean Exterior Design

The Fisker Ocean’s exterior design is a true standout. Henrik Fisker guided Oliver through its remarkable features. They explored the intricacies of the vehicle’s design and marveled at the signature light display when the car opens by itself. With its impressive look and sleek design, the Fisker Ocean is perfect for those who appreciate both style and performance. Henrik hinted at hidden surprises within the car, teasing that Fisker Ocean enthusiasts are yet to uncover all its secrets.

Inside + Screen + Menu

Inside the Fisker Ocean, Oliver discovered a world of modern elegance and thoughtful design. Members of the Fisker team walked him through the interior, highlighting unique features like telescoping steering wheel, power windows, and folding mirrors. They also dove into the menu and screen functionalities, discovering the intuitive layout and user-friendly controls. From adjusting the seat to customizing the digital rearview mirrors, Henrik’s insights shed light on the attention to detail that defines the Fisker Ocean. For instance, throughout the interior design, numerous Easter eggs were discovered, including the introduction of a character named “Indie.” Henrik unveiled Indie as a California surfer girl, a free-spirited mountain climber, and a health-conscious individual.

Oliver’s Fisker Ocean Journey Begins

The handover of Oliver’s Fisker Ocean by Henrik Fisker himself was an experience that he will never forget. The video, which includes some English segments, is worth watching. Although you’ll need to skip around for those parts unless you speak German. It’s definitely worth the effort as you’ll learn quite a few new things about the Fisker Ocean. We have contacted Oliver to invite him to join us on an upcoming episode of All-Things Fisker, where he can discuss his experience. By the way, this invitation is open to anyone who has already received their electric SUV! Until next time, we hope you enjoy this video as much as we did.

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