Fisker Ocean Quick Start Guide

We created a video to quickly guide new Fisker Ocean owners through their electric SUV and get them driving.

Today, we’ve put together a quick start guide for new Fisker Ocean owners. This comes in anticipation of the many Fisker customers who will soon find themselves behind the wheel of their Fisker Ocean. Over the past two months since taking delivery of our electric SUV, we’ve received numerous requests for instructional videos. Fisker customers have asked us what they should do to quickly get up and running and start driving their Fisker Ocean. Creating these instructional videos proved to be quite challenging, but we postponed it for long enough and decided to give it a shot!

The “Quick Start Guide” video we put together covers what we believe are the need to know things to operate your Fisker Ocean as quickly and safely as possible. We could have added a lot more but wanted to give you the essentials. The video covers key fob and entry, starting and operating the vehicle, driver comfort and visibility, entertainment and climate control, and child safety. We recorded the entire video demonstration in our garage, which limited us from showcasing real-world driving.

Getting out there on your own in the Fisker Ocean is unbeatable for gaining first-hand experience. For example, you should drive the electric SUV yourself, experience using the accelerator with regenerative braking, feel how the Ocean rolls back or forward, determine when to apply the brake, and grasp the dynamics of each drive mode. You simply have to get out there and experience a host of things on your own. So, enjoy the video, if you have any questions, please let us know in the comments, and we look forward to seeing you soon at a Fisker Ocean owner meetup!

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13 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Quick Start Guide

  1. Sean, are you sure you don’t work for Fisker? You seem to be doing a better job replying to customers, and really helping to keep thing’s positive for Fisker.

    1. Thanks for your comment Lee, but we don’t actually work for Fisker or any company at the moment. Also, the videos would be a lot more professional if we worked for Fisker! 😄 We completely understand the positive sentiment you’ve expressed about our interactions with customers. We’re just passionate about Fisker and the community, not to mention our electric SUV, and we genuinely enjoy helping out and engaging in these discussions.

    1. We figured as much seeing all the photos and videos of Fisker Oceans being transported and prepped. Hopefully, you took something useful away from the video. Enjoy your new car and look forward to hearing all about it!

  2. Sean. This, and other actions you take, help build a Fisker community and a “movement”. I sincerely applaud your efforts! Fisker Inc. needs to be relentless, making sure they are doing as much, and more, to build the “movement” they claim to be about. Cheers!

    1. Thank you, Tim! Your kind words mean a lot to us. We genuinely appreciate your recognition of our efforts. We couldn’t agree more with your sentiment. Fisker indeed needs to work just as hard in the movement aspect. At the end of the day, we believe the community is what is going to power the movement and make owning a Fisker a unique experience.

  3. Great job as stated above. It’s been a nightmare trying to communicate with Fisker. Only genetic or automated responses. It’s like they are trying to talk the customers out of completing the purchase.

    1. We think they are just overwhelmed with support tickets and working their way through them. Henrik Fisker said on social media this past weekend that they’ve hired more staff to help out. We should start to see some improvements shortly.

  4. Sean. Not to nitpick, because I love and share your enthusiasm. But at the beginning, middle, and end of the day, it’s the durability, reliability and high-quality vehicles with exceptional customer interaction/service that will drive the establishment of the community. Extremely satisfied customers feel special and they are what start (and continue) a wave which makes the “movement” a reality (as opposed to words on paper/screen). This is Fisker Inc’s responsibility, and they must know this. And, the Ocean must start the wave. 🌊

    Thank you again for what you are doing.

  5. Fully agree with Tim, Sean is a great asset to building the Fisker brand but Fisker need to do much more! The experience for me in the UK has been less than ideal. This is my first ever new car and I’ve been driving for 35 years. At the moment I drive a Porsche, it wasn’t new when I bought it but the service, I get from Porsche 4 years on still makes me feel a very valued customer. I was going to sell my Porsche but for now I’m going to keep just encase the car disappoints as much as the experience for me so far!

  6. Sean, I’m sure these features probably exist but on the mini-display you demonstrated moving temp fan up and down, but is the a way to set temp to auto? What about heated seat controls. Also, is there a volumn set for audio other that the up / down on mini display – Steering wheel?

What are your thoughts?