Fisker Ocean Photos from Paris Motor Show

Fisker Ocean

We attended the Paris Motor Show to see the latest production intent Fisker Ocean electric SUV and have new photos and videos from the event.

Today, we are excited to bring you new photos and videos of the Fisker Ocean from the Paris Motor Show. Now, this isn’t any old Fisker Ocean either. It is a production intent all-electric Fisker Ocean Extreme that recently rolled off the high volume assembly line at Magna Steyr. Yes, you heard that correctly. This is just like the Fisker Ocean you may have pre-ordered or reserved.

Fisker Ocean at the Paris Motor Show
Fisker Ocean on display at the Paris Auto Show.

The Fisker Ocean we saw today has the final interior and exterior features we can expect to see on the Fisker Ocean One and Extreme. This was the full visual reveal we talked about yesterday. It is the very first time we’ve had a chance to see a production intent Fisker Ocean. One thing is for certain, the production intent electric SUV photos and videos don’t disappoint one bit.

If you haven’t reserved your Fisker Ocean yet, chances are you will after seeing these photos and videos. The fit and finish of this Fisker Ocean is incredible. Both the interior and exterior of the vehicle exceeded our expectations. Customers are going to love this vehicle as much as we do. Now, let’s talk about some of the new things we learned about the Fisker Ocean.

Fisker Ocean’s Big Reveal

Fisker Ocean Taco Tray on Driver's Side
Taco tray in Fisker Ocean pulls out from front center console armrest.

There it was, the Fisker Ocean in Horizon Gray, with MaliBlu interior, and 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels. We can 100% confirm the paint color is Horizon Gray. Another beautiful color like Big Sur Blue and Mariana. Some people thought it was Mariana. However, it appears to pick up the blue flooring in the reflection. This paint color is definitely a darker color and a different shade than Mariana.

Some features to note that we discovered in this latest Fisker Ocean… Taco trays are indeed there. The driver’s side taco tray folds out of the center console. The passenger side taco tray is where the glovebox would be located. In place of the glovebox, there are storage compartments located in the front bottom of both the driver and passenger seats.

In the rear, we got a chance to see Limo Mode. The controls are in the rear armrest behind the cup holders. Limo Mode allows rear passengers to control the audio, temperature, and seat warmers in the back seats. These controls can be disabled for those with children. You’ll also find coat hangers on the back of the front seats.

Limo Mode
Limo Mode on the Fisker Ocean.

The doors on the Fisker Ocean are solid. When closing them, they make a soft thunk sound. The exterior door handles light up. Also, they have grips on the back side portion (not just flat). It’s a fine detail that will likely go unnoticed. Overall, opening and closing doors on the Fisker Ocean from the interior and exterior of the vehicle is polished.

Lastly, there is plenty of storage in the rear of the Fisker Ocean. The rear cargo area has storage compartments below the rear floor cover. We were told the rear seats do not fold completely flat, but mostly flat. Over the coming days we will share more details. To learn more, subscribe to our YouTube channel, check out our latest video above, and photo gallery below.

Photo Gallery: Fisker Ocean @ Paris Auto Show

These are the latest photos from the Paris Auto Show. Click or tap each one to enlarge it. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Glenn Kahn, an EV enthusiast, and future Fisker Ocean Extreme owner.

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15 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Photos from Paris Motor Show

  1. Can you confirm the color of the interior? Also, I’m confused – if this is the Extreme, why does the steering wheel say Ocean One?

    1. The interior is MaliBlu. Yes, this is an Extreme even though the bottom of the steering wheel says Ocean One. Fisker will probably print Ocean Extreme when that trim goes into actual production after the 5,000 Ocean Ones are built.

  2. Shouldn’t either of these (Extreme and One) have light blue brake calipers?
    Additionally I wonder, how the “Doggy”-windows and the rear window are operated individually as the panel on the driver side only seems to have 4 window switches

  3. No pictures of the taco tray? The rear air vents look like they are standard and are lever controlled for direction. What about the front air vents? Are they standard or are the tesla style where you have to control direction through the touchscreen?

  4. Do we know if the rear center seat console excists on the ultra? I know limo mode features are exclusive to extreme and one but I don’t see cupholders anywhere else in the rear area.

  5. Very nice overview Glen. I still need to drive this beauty and feel it on the road. Sean, kudos to you for giving Glen logistical support in Paris.

    1. Glenn did an amazing job covering the Fisker Ocean out of Paris. Thank you for checking it out! Like you, I can’t wait to drive the Fisker Ocean!!?

  6. It was nice to finally see the short context screen above the fixed button row. Any idea if that is a touch screen? I’m curious if and how the button context can be toggled.

What are your thoughts?