Fisker Ocean in Las Vegas

Check out the Fisker Ocean at the 2023 Consumer Electronic Show out front of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Today, we received a bunch of photos and video of the Fisker Ocean from Las Vegas. The Fisker Ocean is currently outside and across the street from the 2023 Consumer Electronic Show. Fisker not only brought one, but two Fisker Oceans for the public to check out. Yes, that’s correct, you do not have to attend CES 2023 in order to experience the Fisker Ocean. Anyone that wants to make the journey to the Las Vegas Convention Center is welcome!

This 4-day stop in Sin City on the Fisker Ocean Road Tour will run through January 7th. Dates and times are posted below. You will be able to get up close with each of the pre-production electric vehicles. Furthermore, Fisker Ocean reservation holders are able to go for a ride in the electric SUV. In the video shared with us, you can see the Fisker Ocean running reservation holders up and down an empty parking lot. It’s pretty neat to see a venue that can accommodate this type of experience.

We hope you get a chance to see the Fisker Ocean in person either in Las Vegas or a future pop-up location. If you can’t, the photo gallery below has some really good shots of both the interior and exterior of each Fisker Ocean. There are a lot of beautiful design elements on the inside and outside of the Fisker Ocean — those 22″ wheels and brake calipers! Take a look and let us know what you think. If you get to see the Fisker Ocean in person, please share your photos and videos with us to be featured on the site! ?

Las Vegas Pop-Up Location Dates and Times

DateStart TimeEnd Time
January 41:00 pm PST5:00 pm PST
January 512:30 pm PST5:00 pm PST
January 612:30 pm PST5:00 pm PST
January 79:00 am PST4:00 pm PST
Las Vegas Pop-Up Location Dates and Times.

Fisker Ocean Photo Gallery: Las Vegas, NV

The photos from this pop-up location feature two Fisker Oceans, one in Big Sur Blue and Horizon Gray, Black Abyss Plus and Mariana interior, and 22″ F5 AirGlider wheels.

Special thanks to Michael O'Connor and Matt McColl for sharing the photos and video with us.

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24 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean in Las Vegas

    1. No announcement yet. That would be a great way to give Canadian reservation holders a chance to see it!

  1. Sean, thank you for the Las Vegas photos!
    Two comments that pops up first:
    1.The vegan leather like car seats, is that BLACK ABYSS plus seats??? Looks really good. BUT
    Looks more DARK GRAYish. They do not look JET BLACK? Would be good if that was the case.
    2.The Solar Roof, looks really bad from the inside. Fisker needs to make it possible to cover that up from the inside, if customer wants to. Looks like a labyrinth.
    That looks does not fit in with the decor!
    Otherwise the car looks very impressive!!
    I have ordered an Extreme, but these things might be deal breakers for me!

    1. Yes, should have mentioned in the article Ole. Updated now. The photos from this pop-up location feature two Fisker Oceans, one in Big Sur Blue and Horizon Gray, Black Abyss Plus and Mariana interior, and 22″ F5 AirGlider wheels. The Black Abyss Plus feels great and looks nice. It is what we are going with in our Fisker Ocean One. The jury is out on the shadows in the cabin from the SolarSky Roof. Didn’t bother me in Graz, but I was only in the electric SUV for ~20 minutes. Hope Fisker has a solution for that.

  2. I have reserved an Ocean One. Am I in the minority? All I hear is positive feed back from these “pop up” visits. The images I am seeing seem to show some of the poorest quality material. The seats look like seat covers my mom had in her 1967 Lemans station wagon. The seams look like my 3rd grade granddaughter sewed them.
    The material on the door looks like it will wear out within a year, hard to tell from photos. Unfortunately, “pop ups” aren’t announced soon enough for me to make arrangements to fly from St. Louis to ANY destination! And they want me to plunk down $73k without more information! Just got my email stating that I had until March 13 to make my final decision on options. I will repeat for the ..nth..time…I hate the wheel options! The wheels often shown in the Night Drive with all black wheels are awesome…not available!
    If the photos impressed me, then I would be OK with buying this car without sitting in it first, however, I have been nothing but disappointed in the information made available. Fisker won’t answer any of my specific questions beyond “more will be released”..I don’t feel comfortable plunking down $73k for a piece of …it

    1. #1 it would seem you are in the minority yes.
      #2 the “pop up” locations have largely had preproduction vehicles made up to a year before the SOP.
      #4 why the hell did you put $5k down with such high emotions?
      #5 are you drunk?

  3. Thank you for sharing the photos! I was wondering what’s the exterior color of the glossy car? I can tell that the other car is a Big Sur Blue. Thanks.

    1. In the live feed last night…they said Horizon Grey. It certainly looks like Mariana, but then it turns and the light hits it and you see the grey. Crazy color

  4. does anyone know the wheel’s specs, like bolt-pattern, wheel offset (ET), and the center bore? Thanks

  5. Thank you for these pictures, and all the reports. I have a reservation in already, but I have a couple comments/questions maybe you guys can help answer:

    -I am always underwhelmed by the interior customer pics from these events. Is this the final interior (upholstery) in material/design/details?

    -This is my first time seeing the roof from the inside (with the solar sky). It never occurred to me that this is what it might look like (now that I think about it, it does make sense though). So this is what any Extreme or One roof window will look like from inside?

  6. Where exactly was this! I walked around all over CES and didn’t find car. I live in town and was not internet in CES but actually see this car.


  7. I have been posting similar comments for a while. I have asked If my ONE could be made without the solar roof….it doesn’t add enough power to be worth the crazy light show in the vehicle. Being underwhelmed at the interior materials is being kind. Unless I see an actual completed Ocean one, not prototype, I won’t move forward on my purchase.

    1. Seriously, right!? We are likely to tint our SolarSky Roof on the interior glass if Fisker doesn’t do it before taking delivery or comes up with a better solution like a retractable sun shade.

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