Fisker Ocean EPA Update

Henrik Fisker provides update on the EPA front and shares how it could be an advantage for Fisker to get EPA numbers earlier.

Fisker Ocean electric SUV being loaded for transportation.

Today, we wanted to dive deeper into breaking news Henrik Fisker shared with us. In yesterday’s interview, he provided an update on obtaining EPA range numbers, revealing new requirements for new EV entrants. Henrik Fisker shared the following details about the recent changes in the EPA approval process. According to Henrik, Fisker’s original strategy was to deliver Fisker Ocean electric SUVs to customers in the United States first. However, homologation and approval happened much quicker in Europe.

Changes in EPA Approval Process

Henrik shared some interesting news regarding the EPA. He said that the EPA has made a slight change in the direction of their usual process. In the United States, car makers typically go to an independent group to test vehicles and perform various tests as required by the EPA. Then, the car maker submits all the documents and waits for them to review these documents.

However, just this week, Fisker was informed about a new change at the EPA, which now requires testing of vehicles by the EPA themselves for all new EV entrants. This change came after Fisker had already completed their third-party testing and document submission to the EPA. Henrik said not everyone may know, but a car manufacturer like Fisker must have official EPA approval and range numbers before delivering cars in the United States.

Reasons for the Change

Henrik did not know exactly why this requirement has changed, but one reason could be to standardize testing methodologies and calculations. It would ensure that testing for every EV going forward is done in the same way. Thus, having the EPA conduct testing should make range comparisons more realistic. In the past, we have scoured the EPA’s website in search of a timeline for EPA certification, but similar to this new requirement, they do not make it easy to find.

Fisker’s Response to the EPA Requirement

Overall, the EPA process is progressing and moving forward. Henrik went on to share that due to this EPA requirement, his company has prepared a Fisker Ocean for the EPA to test themselves. He stated that Fisker will be shipping an electric SUV to the EPA’s US laboratory by air freight early next week. It should arrive the following week. Since the Fisker Ocean will be in the hands of the EPA shortly, Henrik hopes that this could help expedite EPA results for the Fisker Ocean instead of waiting for the EPA to review all of Fisker’s third-party testing documents. The EPA will then be able to verify everything on their own.

Finally, Henrik addressed those who found his comments confusing during the interview through social media. In essence, he wanted to highlight the silver lining that they may have missed.

“Wow! I’m surprised no one understood what I was saying. While EPA is a change, it could be an advantage for us to get EPA numbers earlier!!”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

Exclusive Interview with Henrik Fisker

Henrik share the latest development on the EPA front for the Fisker Ocean.

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