Fisker Ocean Cargo Ship Watch: Tracking the Epic Journey

Many Fisker customers are actively monitoring cargo ships as they transport Fisker Oceans from Europe to various ports across the United States.

Today, we couldn’t help but notice all the activity surrounding Fisker Oceans making their way across the Atlantic Ocean. It’s been pretty exciting to follow a few of the threads from forums to social media. Over the past few days, RORO cargo ships have consistently docked at ports across the United States from Europe, where Fisker presently produces its flagship electric SUV in Graz, Austria.

People commonly refer to these roll-on/roll-off cargo ships as ROROs or ro-ros, designed specifically for transporting cargo with wheels, like the Fisker Ocean. Fisker alerted customers last week about the pending shipping vessels crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The company said that more than 1,500 Fisker Oceans would start arriving by ship in the United States over this past weekend.

With that said, Baltimore, New York, New Jersey, Jacksonville, Brunswick (Savannah), Davisville, and Philadelphia serve as some of the largest ports for importing vehicles on the East Coast. We have not seen deliveries of Fisker Oceans to all of these ports yet. In fact, earlier this week, the Grand Dahlia cargo ship delivered 30 Fisker Oceans to Brunswick, GA, marking the first time we are aware of this port being utilized.

Another 324 Fisker Oceans Arrive in Baltimore

Since this past weekend, we’ve been closely tracking one of the RORO shipping vessels named Donington. It successfully arrived yesterday at the Port of Dundalk in Baltimore. This morning, the bill of lading revealed that 324 Fisker Oceans made their way across the Atlantic on this particular vessel. Workers at the port swiftly extracted these vehicles from the roll-on/roll-off cargo ship, meticulously lining them up as they await transport carriers to take them to distribution points and ultimately to the homes of their new owners. Henrik Fisker himself shared a captivating photo (pictured above) of the electric SUVs at the Baltimore Port last night. With an endless sight of Fisker Oceans Ones, many of which have various shades of blue, Henrik exclaimed, “Arrived today at the port in US!”

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16 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Cargo Ship Watch: Tracking the Epic Journey

    1. Good question. After researching transit times for RORO cargo ships from Europe to the East Coast of the USA, there are a few key estimates to keep in mind.

      Firstly, if you’re shipping vehicles from Graz, Austria, to an East Coast port in the USA, such as Baltimore, automakers can generally expect the journey to take approximately two weeks, give or take a few days. This estimate accounts for various factors, including cargo loading, customs clearance, potential transshipment, and any delays that might occur along the way. However, it’s essential to note that this is a rough estimate, and actual travel times can vary.

      On the other hand, if automakers are looking for the quickest route available with minimal stops, the direct path from the nearest European shipping port in the UK or Belgium to an East Coast port like Baltimore, USA, typically takes around six days. This shorter duration is primarily due to the direct route across the Atlantic Ocean, which involves fewer intermediate stops or detours, making it a faster option.

  1. Hope they send some to the Philadelphia port. Ordered the Sport. Looking forward to the ev life. Been researching this for 7 yrs.

  2. I am definitely one of the masses checking the app for updates for East Coast, preferably Baltimore, update. I completed my signing ceremony this afternoon. Next week is my delivery target. Quick question, was about to purchase the wallbox pulsar charger from Fisker shop and thought I’d lookup promo codes online and to my surprise found the charger at Costco for $499. Is your Fisker wallbox, apart from the Fisker branding any different schematically? In other words, is the Fisker brand customized somehow for the Ocean? Big $100 price difference.

    1. Apart from the Fisker branding, it should be the same Francis. BTW, Wallbox and Best Buy just announced partnership today. Apparently, all Best Buys across the US will now sell Pulsar Plus Chargers. Might be worth checking out your local Best Buy too!

  3. Sean, please tell Fisker that we have a really nice port in Miami. Also trying to get an ins quote. Unanswered questions:does the ocean have anti theft, anti lock,passive restraint? Thanks again for all you do.

    1. The Port of Miami is beautiful!! When entering our Fisker Ocean VIN, it automatically came up with ‘Anti-Theft Device’. The vehicle does have anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and airbags.

  4. Getting Excited for delivery, status shows Port Arrival — not sure which port and the process from there. Geico underwriting taking over 2 weeks to finalize on insurance. Others seem pretty high

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