Fisker: Lock in Your Order and Enjoy Special Offers

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Fisker asks customers to lock in their Fisker Ocean order and enjoy limited-time savings on optional upgrades.

Fisker Ocean revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
Fisker Ocean revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Today, we noticed that Fisker customers are actively discussing the process of locking in their Ocean Extreme, Ultra, or Sport by placing a non-refundable deposit to secure their orders. After publishing the article about Fisker reducing prices on optional upgrades, we received an email titled “Your Order Fee Is Due.” The number of Fisker customers who received this email remains uncertain. Nevertheless, starting tomorrow, the company will begin inviting other customers to lock in their orders and take advantage of the savings.

Fisker is requesting customers to confirm their orders and finalize their vehicle configuration. In exchange for doing this now, Fisker is offering limited-time deals on optional upgrades for the Ocean Extreme and other trims. Customers that lock-in an order for an Ocean Extreme now can save up to $4,525 according to Fisker. For example, Fisker is offering 50% off all 22″ wheel choices (up to $1,900 in savings), the MaliBlu premium interior for only $2,900 (saving $2,100), and select exterior paint colors for $975 (saving $525).

Furthermore, Fisker is offering all Ocean Ultra and Sport customers who received the email a trim upgrade option. This option will enable customers to upgrade their trim to an Ocean Extreme, allowing anyone to enjoy the biggest savings. However, if customers prefer to stick to their previous trim selection, they can still access the 50% discount on 22″ wheel upgrades. Essentially, if you’re interested in taking advantage of the savings, placing a second deposit will lock in your configuration for production. If you choose to do nothing, your order will remain intact in the order queue.

Our Ocean Sport Order and Future Plans

If you’ve been following our journey of Fisker Ocean ownership, you know that we pre-ordered our Fisker Ocean One in July 2022. As the Inflation Reduction Act fiasco unfolded in August 2022, we reserved a Fisker Ocean Sport with a non-refundable deposit. We intend to keep our configuration choice for the Ocean Sport, which includes a Great White exterior, Black Abyss Plus interior, and 20″ F7 AeroStealth wheels, priced at $39,999. Unfortunately, our specific configuration does not benefit from this particular promotion unless we upgrade to an Extreme or alter our wheel selection.

We are thrilled to have already ordered a Fisker Ocean One, but if we hadn’t, we would quickly take advantage of this promotion to save some money. At the moment, our plan is to patiently wait until we receive our Fisker Ocean One before completing the reservation for the Ocean Sport. The news of Fisker offering lower prices for a limited time on optional upgrades and expanding its production queue for future vehicles after Ocean One is truly exciting. We believe it’s a win-win situation that benefits both Fisker and its customers.

In Fisker’s Words…

Hello Sean,

We'd like you to confirm your order and lock in your vehicle configuration, but before you do, we wanted to let you know about some offers available on optional upgrades, which will only be available for a limited time.

We love the bold choices our customers are making by pairing 22" wheels with Fisker-original colors. To show our appreciation, we are sharing three incredible, limited time offers with our reservation holders who order their Fisker Ocean Extreme.

Save up to $4,525 total on select options with the Fisker Ocean Extreme
50% off all 22” wheel options (Save up to $1,900)

MaliBlu premium interior now only $2,900 (Save $2,100)

Select exterior colors now only $975 (Save $525)

Upgrade your trim to the Fisker Ocean Extreme and take full advantage of our special offers. If you prefer the Ultra or Sport, you can still access 50% off all 22” wheel upgrades before you lock in your order.

We request that you lock in your order prior to June 30, 2023, by submitting a non-refundable $750 Order Fee. Starting June 30, additional reservation holders will be invited to order.

Note: Your original Reservation Fee will automatically be added to your Order Fee. The combined sum equals the $1,000 required to secure your order. Your full Order Fee will later be applied to the final purchase price of your vehicle.

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5 thoughts on “Fisker: Lock in Your Order and Enjoy Special Offers

  1. There’s no point in ordering now. They told me the earliest I would receive my vehicle would be this time next year.

    1. Earlier today, we asked about our Ocean Sport before writing this article. Fisker informed us that the delivery time depends on when we lock in the vehicle. For instance, if we lock in our Ocean Sport or upgrade to an Extreme before June 30th, they indicated that we would probably receive it before the end of the year. Additionally, they mentioned that if we choose to upgrade, we are likely to receive the Extreme before the Sport, as Fisker is prioritizing that trim over the Ultra and Sport trims.

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