Fisker Enhances Customer Experience: Exciting Updates for Fisker Ocean Owners

Fisker shows commitment to continuous improvement to Fisker Ocean owners with California Mode, over-the-air updates, and more.

Our Fisker Ocean with Night Drive exterior, Black Abyss Plus interior, and 22" F3a SlipStream wheels.
Our Fisker Ocean with Night Drive exterior, Black Abyss Plus interior, and 22″ F3a SlipStream wheels.

Today, in an exciting development for Fisker customers, the company has taken another giant stride towards enhancing the customer experience. Fisker sent out an email to customers just yesterday, detailing a series of hardware and software improvements. They are aimed at making their electric SUV, the Fisker Ocean, even better. Customers who already possess their Fisker Oceans, as well as those soon to receive their deliveries, welcomed this communication.

Fisker announced that all customer vehicles delivered after September 12th will already have these improvements. All upcoming deliveries will feature California Mode enhancements, expanded over-the-air (OTA) update capabilities, and hardware upgrades. Customers who already have their Fisker Oceans can contact a Fisker Rådgiver to schedule a complimentary service appointment if they have not yet received these vehicle improvements.

We believe this demonstrates Fisker’s rapid resolution of issues and dedication to ongoing improvement. It illustrates a proactive commitment to customer satisfaction. As Fisker Ocean customers, we greatly appreciate seeing Fisker taking these actions. Such initiatives consistently boost our confidence and trust in the brand.

Next Software Update

Fisker has also outlined upcoming software enhancements scheduled for September with the release of FM29 OS 1.07. This Fisker Ocean software update will include enhanced Bluetooth pairing, connectivity, and functionality. An energy-saving mode to reduce battery consumption during vehicle inactivity, Wi-Fi connectivity for OTA updates, and improved navigation performance. Also in the pipeline, miscellaneous bug fixes and feature enhancements.

In addition to vehicle software improvements, Fisker will be enhancing the My Fisker App with improved stability for a more reliable connected car experience. The email emphasizes that the successful installation of these updates is dependent on the prior installation of vehicle software release FM29 OS 1.06. As always, Fisker encourages customers to reach out to a Fisker Rådgiver if they have any questions.

In Fisker’s Words…

Hello [Name],

While we continue to increase production and deliveries of the launch-edition Fisker Ocean One, our team is also developing new ways to enhance and improve your vehicle and app experience. We are pleased to announce several improvements for your Fisker Ocean One.

Software Update Highlights for FM29 OS 1.07/ICC27*

Enhancements to California Mode
Existing Fisker Ocean One drivers will soon see improved performance and consistency with their Fisker Ocean’s California Mode operation. This update will come through an OTA (over-the-air) update. We will contact you via email in the upcoming week to schedule this OTA update,* which should take about 10 minutes to complete. Note: All Fisker Ocean Ones delivered after September 12, 2023, will have this enhancement already installed.

Expanding OTA Update Capabilities
We have expanded our OTA update capabilities to include the Motor Control Unit system. What that means for you is a faster, more robust way to enhance your vehicle without ever leaving your driveway. To add this enhancement, you can drop your vehicle off at a Fisker service facility or schedule a Fisker technician to come to you to complete the installation.

Please contact a Fisker Rådgiver to schedule a service appointment. This exciting upgrade, and the service required to complete it, are available to you free of charge. Note: All Fisker Oceans delivered after September 12, 2023, will have this capability already included.

Hardware Upgrades

Upgraded Seat Mats (Driver Presence Detection Mat)
We've upgraded the seat mats in the Fisker Ocean for better occupant detection. If your vehicle arrived before September 1, 2023, and you're having trouble shifting into gear while in the driver's seat, contact a Fisker Rådgiver for a free inspection and service appointment. All Ocean Ones delivered after September 1, 2023, already have this upgrade included. If you recently updated your vehicle software with us, we took the opportunity to also upgrade your seat mats.

More Robust Air Vents
We recently worked with our air vent supplier to increase the durability and reliability of the air vents installed in the Fisker Ocean. In rare cases, we have encountered some vehicles built before September 1, 2023, equipped with air vents susceptible to nozzle breakage. If you are experiencing any air vent issues or hear an abnormal clicking when operating your vents, please contact a Fisker Rådgiver for a complimentary inspection and, if needed, a free service appointment. All Ocean Ones delivered after September 1, 2023, already have this upgrade included. If you recently updated your vehicle software with us, we took the opportunity to replace your air vents.

Upcoming Software Enhancements for September

Future Fisker Ocean OTA Updates
• Enhanced Bluetooth pairing, connectivity and functionality
• An energy saving mode to help reduce battery consumption when the vehicle is not in use
• Wi-Fi connectivity for OTA updates
• Improved navigation performance
• Other bug fixes and feature enhancements

Future My Fisker App Updates
• Improved app stability for a more reliable and consistent connected car experience

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact a Fisker Rådgiver.

*Installation of FM29 OS 1.07/ICC27 is contingent upon the successful installation of vehicle software release FM29 OS 1.06.

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