Fisker Delivers First-Ever Ocean One Electric SUV

A customer in Copenhagen, Denmark received the first delivery of the Fisker Ocean One launch edition, marking the first-ever delivery of Fisker’s electric SUV.

Fisker Ocean One emblem on rear of limited launch edition electric SUV.

Today, Fisker achieved a historic milestone by delivering its first-ever electric SUV. The brand new Fisker Ocean was delivered to a lucky customer located in Copenhagen, Denmark. This delivery was made 24 weeks after Fisker’s official start of production in November 2022. This marks a significant day for the company. The vehicle delivered was the Fisker Ocean One launch edition.

The owner received their vehicle from Henrik Fisker at the recently opened Fisker Center+ facility in Copenhagen, Denmark. Henrik posed by the vehicle for a photo opportunity before handing over the keys. The first Fisker Ocean One, limited launch edition, had a Great White exterior, Sea Salt interior, with 22” AirGlider wheels in black.

“I’m super excited to be in Copenhagen to hand over the first Fisker Ocean.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

Henrik is off to Germany next…

Yesterday, during the Nordic EV Summit, Henrik mentioned that he was currently embarking on a tour across Europe. According to Henrik, he had just came from Austria, where Fisker’s manufacturing facility is located. He revealed that his company would hand over the first Fisker Ocean to a customer in Copenhagen, Denmark today. On Monday, his schedule likely includes a visit to Motorworld Munich in Germany. There he will deliver another electric SUV and launch a Fisker Lounge. Finally, Henrik will be wrapping up his latest travel stint in the United Kingdom for Future of the Car 2023.

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7 thoughts on “Fisker Delivers First-Ever Ocean One Electric SUV

  1. I would rather see a fleet on trucks going out for deliveries. That would’ve been a better publicity, rather than one man showing delivery and photo ops with the CEO.

  2. I looks like it was staged just to say he delivered on May 5th, what’s next I think that car was always there for show and he picked his friend to act like he was buying it! Something is not right and I’m a big stock holder!

  3. I heard the one delivered car already broke down, completely bricked, and has been flatbedded to Austria.

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