First Look: Our Fisker Ocean Test Drive

Test driving the Fisker Ocean with Abbie Eaton at the Magna Steyr test track in Graz Austria

We had a chance to test drive a pre production Fisker Ocean and here is what we thought about the electric SUV.

Today, we had a chance to get behind the wheel of a pre production Fisker Ocean electric SUV. Two words. It’s incredible. The Fisker Ocean test drive exceeded our expectations. The car handles better than our Tesla Model 3 we drove cross country this past week. If you’ve been following along, you know we’re on a family road trip to Walt Disney World. We took our existing electric vehicle from San Diego, CA to Orlando, FL. What you didn’t know is that we were also invited to test drive the Fisker Ocean at the same exact time.

Henrik and Sean after a successful test drive at Magna Steyr (minus knocking over 1 cone!)
Henrik and Sean after a successful test drive at Magna Steyr (minus knocking over 1 cone!).

We knew this was an amazing opportunity to test drive the very electric SUV we cover on a regular basis. With support from the family, we ventured out to Graz, Austria to the Magna Steyr factory to get a first look. Flying out of Orlando International Airport on Sunday night, we landed in Graz on Monday afternoon by way of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We were greeted by Fisker team members at the airport and hotel when we arrived. The entire Fisker team provided a warm welcome and were excellent hosts throughout our entire stay. Thank you.

The Fisker Ocean Delivers

We’ve seen videos of Henrik driving the electric SUV. Now, it was our turn to put the vehicle through the wringer. Granted we’re not a professional race car driver, rather an every day driver just like you. However, we did have the pleasure of sitting next to Abbie Eaton, British motorsports racing driver, as she performed a demo on the course for us. The course has…

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14 thoughts on “First Look: Our Fisker Ocean Test Drive

  1. Wow I’m so jealous! Congrats on being one of the few to test drive it! Sounds like it’ll exceed expectations for future owners! I’d hope to test drive one soon

  2. #jealous. Congratulations, you deserve the opportunity. Can’t wait to hear and see more while I wait for the real thing.

  3. Love hearing about all the details of your visit and test drive! Awesome news about the F6 vortex wheels on the Ocean One!! Do you know if they will also come in black? Travel safe and enjoy the rest of your trip in Florida Sean!!

  4. That looks incredible! I’m so excited for this brand. Thank you so much for your efforts Sean, love your content!

  5. Many thanks for the review, the delay or lack of response in the throttle was my main concern (I am a reservation holder). I’d hope the throttle response would be improved with software update or driving mode etc as it was very sluggish of the line. Ultimately there is no point in having 550hp if you can’t access all of it.

    1. I completely agree. I was shocked to see how slow it was to respond to his aggressive tip in for an acceleration run. That would absolutely kill the experience for me.

  6. Sean, these are the best interior pictures we have seen so far- even better than the ones released by Fisker in sm posts or in the the press release/media packet

  7. The wheels looks awesome. However, those seats looks really weird to me. Some may love them, but they just don’t look right to me. Probably need to see them in person to really form an opinion.

What are your thoughts?