First Fisker Ocean Production Intent Vehicle

Henrik reveals first Fisker Ocean production intent vehicle on the actual assembly line in Austria at Magna Steyr and its painted in Mariana.

Fisker Ocean in Mariana on the actual production line at Magna Steyr
Fisker Ocean in Mariana on the actual production line at Magna Steyr.

Today, Henrik shared photos of the first production intent Fisker Ocean on the actual production line at Magna Steyr. It appears Magna is gearing up for the next step of bringing the Fisker Ocean to your driveway. The next step in the process is certification. Then, Fisker can produce sellable cars. Henrik confirmed to us that official start of production is on track for November 17th, 2022.

In several posts to various social media sites this morning, Henrik Fisker said, “Wooooow!!!! 1st car being assembled on the actual line at the Magna manufacturing plant! ??? next is certification!” He went on to say, “SOP is November 17th 2022 = making sellable cars….” This is the actual production line where your Fisker Ocean will be built when official production starts in 66 days.

Also, this is the very first time we’re seeing a Fisker Ocean in Mariana. If you didn’t know, Mariana is a metallic gloss paint. In our opinion, this launch color looks pretty spectacular in the two images share by Henrik this morning. We can now add this Fisker Ocean to the list of other paint colors we’ve seen on an actual vehicle vs. paint chips. Let us know in the comments below what you think of this paint color.

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6 thoughts on “First Fisker Ocean Production Intent Vehicle

  1. Looks like blue planet is pulling up behind it. Good to finally be able to compare colors. Do you think Maliblu will match well with Mariana?

  2. I’ve pre-ordered Blue Planet, but this pic of Mariana looks so nice!!! However, the lighting in the pic may not represent true color. Hmmmmmm….I hope we can see more real cars or at least real accurate color pics before the lock-in date. My gut tells me that I’m going to love my Ocean One no matter which color I end up with (though mine won’t be Big Sur Blue). Getting more and more excited as the big day gets closer! Thanks for all the San Diego pics Sean!

    1. You’re welcome Jim! Yes, Mariana looks so nice. Blue Planet is Henrik’s color of choice, but having seen Mariana now that’s a winner!

  3. At last…..Mariana blue! Sooo beautiful. My color choice on the One. I was asking the assistant at the car show why they didn’t have a paint color display (like Tesla ?) so we can actually look at the colors side by side. He said the newer version of the app with have better color renderings for comparison. Ugh Not the answer I wanted. Actually seeing the colors before I’m locked in would be ideal. Maybe in the near future they will have a display that we can go look at. (Hey, you can always hope.) Thank you Sean for posting these photos. Makes me happy. LOL

    1. You’re welcome Edward! Yes, the display, or maybe larger color swatches/virtual reality experience will be at Fisker Lounges. The company shared some info in the original investor deck that we included at the top of the article I just liked to. Worth a look if you haven’t seen it!

What are your thoughts?