775 Global Deliveries and Counting, First Fisker Ocean Delivered in Sweden

Fisker hands over the first electric SUV in Sweden as it approaches 1,000 customer deliveries of the Fisker Ocean.

Today, Fisker confirmed the first customer delivery of the Fisker Ocean in Stockholm, Sweden. The company handed over the first electric SUV in the country. This Fisker Ocean with a Big Sur Blue exterior is now rolling on the streets of Malmö, a coastal city in southern Sweden. Locals in the area report that this delivery coincides with the company’s preparations for the official opening of Fisker Lounge Stockholm next week.

Fisker indirectly revealed yesterday that they have delivered 775 Fisker Oceans worldwide. The company specified that it has either delivered or is in the process of delivering 450 electric SUVs in North America and 325 in Europe. It appears that the company is really starting to accelerate its delivery efforts as global deliveries pick up speed. We talked about this on All-Things Fisker last night, as we’ve been seeing deliveries of Fisker Oceans pop-up all over social media.

Fisker Ocean Weekend Deliveries

Parking lot of Fisker Oceans awaiting delivery to customers.
Parking lot of Fisker Oceans awaiting delivery to customers.

Late last night, Henrik Fisker took to social media to announce his recent arrival in Los Angeles for the weekend delivery of Fisker Oceans. He shared a photo featuring a parking lot filled with Fisker Oceans set against a beautiful sunset backdrop. With enthusiasm, he exclaimed, “Just landed in LA, looking forward to get you your car this weekend and beyond!”

He then engaged Fisker customers by asking them to guess the number of cars on the horizon, with the promise of a paid trip to the Fisker Ocean manufacturing facility in Graz, Austria for the closest guess. These Fisker Oceans will be in the hands of customers soon, which is pretty exciting! This announcement aligns with the anticipation of 1,500 Fisker Oceans that will begin arriving by shipping vessels to the United States over the weekend.

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3 thoughts on “775 Global Deliveries and Counting, First Fisker Ocean Delivered in Sweden

  1. Thanks for the update. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the brand. I’m very sad and disappointed in Fisker’s accountability to their own timetables (customers and shareholders). For many, many customers, a delivery by the end of September is the difference between a $7500 USD Tax credit or not. Not to mention not receiving their car as promised by “End of September.” I’d like you to consider asking difficult questions to the Fisker Team instead of always believing their positive propaganda. Yes, YOU have received your car, CONGRATS, but many, many of us have not.

    1. Understood Jake. Everyone that has a binding order should be able to obtain the $7,500 EV tax credit under the transition rule regardless of when they take delivery. After taking delivery, new owners will need to amend their 2022 Federal Tax Return. There are several topics on the Fiskerati Forum about it.

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