Fisker Ocean One Pre-Ordering, IONIQ 5 Comparison, and First Look on Fully Charged

Fisker Ocean

The focus this week was on Fisker Ocean One pre-ordering, but a lot of other news dropped that is more important than who gets the first 5,000 launch edition trims.

Fisker Ocean One Invitation
Fisker Ocean One Pre-Ordering Email Invite.

This week in Fisker was a busy one as Fisker Ocean One pre-ordering consumed most of our time this week. Pre-ordering kicked off on Friday with reservation holder #1. We did a few videos this week including a live stream about Fisker Ocean One on Wednesday. At the end of the day, This Week In Fisker includes a lot about Fisker Ocean One.

However, we published some other articles you may find of interest. There is a good comparison video of Ioniq 5 and Fisker Ocean. You’ll also find some new info about Experience Centers and a debut in France. Fisker Ocean received its first look review on Fully Charged, which was quite good.

There is a lot of stuff for Fisker Ocean reservation holders in this week’s newsletter even if you have to continue to wait for Fisker Extreme, Ultra, and Sport. For example, the article about Fisker Ocean’s 5-star crash testing award. As a late reservation holders of Fisker Ocean, we need to keep waiting (patiently) for our chance to pre-order the Fisker Ocean. Until then, we can connect on Fiskerati Forums.

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2 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean One Pre-Ordering, IONIQ 5 Comparison, and First Look on Fully Charged

  1. Wondering if you can get more information on how they are selecting the email invites. I’ve seen people post getting the one order confirmed and they only reserved in Jan 2022 but are in Europe. I have not heard anyone else from Canada getting an email invite. I’m wondering if they are going based on location instead of reservation place #. If this is the case it concerns me for the next trim levels. I thought I was safe being under the 40k mark to get the ultra before prices increase but if they go through based on delivery location then 40k may be hit before I get the chance. Thoughts?

    1. Yes, Julia, we just talked about that in this article. It appears there may be a certain number of Fisker Ocean Ones for each market/region. Have you received your pre-order invite email yet? Is it in SPAM?

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