Fisker Ocean: Lock-In Dates Change, 3D Configurator, Production Underway, & More

Fisker Ocean Electric SUV

The most action packed week in Fisker we’ve seen in a long time with updates on Fisker Ocean across the board.

Today, we recap this week in Fisker and there is a lot to talk about. In fact, we’ve missed a ton of important things for stakeholders as we’re still on vacation. For those following along, we rejoined our family vacation after test driving the Fisker Ocean. We spent a few days at Walt Disney World before embarking on the Disney Wish to the Bahamas. It was a great cruise and highly recommended. However, we’re now sick with COVID for the very first time and it sucks.

First Fisker Ocean rolling off the high volume assembly line at Magna Steyr.

Nevertheless, let’s get to what happened in the world of Fisker. Even on the cruise, we followed along with the countdown to start of production for the Fisker Ocean. Thursday was a big day. You could even call it the mega event we’ve been waiting for along with every other media outlet. CNBC got the exclusive interview with Henrik Fisker out of Graz, Austria early in the morning. Phil Le Beau interviewed Henrik who provided us an update of where things stand. We’ve included the interview above.

Fisker is now producing sellable vehicles. While the ramp is slower than initially expected due to worldwide certifications likely taking longer than anticipated, the machine is building our Fisker Oceans! It’s actually happening and we witnessed it first-hand. It’s an incredible sight to see if you’re ever given the opportunity to see it! Below are a couple photos of the ceremonial first Fisker Ocean rolling off the finishing line at Magna Steyr. Henrik drives it off the line while familiar faces smile and cheer celebrating a major milestone in company history.

Building Momentum: The Fisker Ocean is Redefining Sustainable Mobility

The company released a video to showcase how the Fisker Ocean is built within Magna Steyr. The level of sophistication and precision is incredible. Every robot is computer programmed, some owned by Magna and some by Fisker. The investment of capital and time has paid off for the company allowing them to embark on redefining sustainable mobility.

In Fisker’s words….

The all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV has officially started production at our manufacturing partner’s carbon-neutral factory in Graz, Austria. We’re building momentum on our path to creating the world’s most sustainable vehicles. Watch the video to get an up-close look at how a state-of-the-art automotive factory assembles the EV you’ve been waiting for!

Redesign and New 3D Configurator

Then, we received a partial redesign of the Fisker website and major update to the mobile app. The company put the Fisker PEAR and Ronin front and center with the Ocean on the marketing part of the site. We received a few new photos of the Fisker PEAR and Ronin, some of which we’ve included below. We also got a nice image of a Fisker Ocean Extreme painted in Big Sur Blue with black SlipStream wheels and fully tinted windows.

The biggest change to the site and mobile app was the launch of the new 3D configurator. We got a chance to play with the configurator for a bit before it was taken offline on Friday. It’s the same 3D configurator we saw on our trip to Graz, Austria. The company took it offline to enhance the experience and will bring it back next week. Overall, it is a pretty nice leap from the original configurator. We told you it was pretty slick!

In Fisker’s words…

We’ve upgraded our Configurator to help you better imagine your dream car. The new Configurator allows you to build your vehicle with improved 3D visualization. This interactive experience should give you a more true-to-life look at your Fisker Ocean One and any optional accessories you plan to order. (Any vehicle builds you already created using our 2D Configurator will be available within the 3D Configurator).

Lock-In Dates Change, Again

Fisker Ocean One
Limited edition launch edition Fisker Ocean One.

After listening to the last earnings call, it probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise all of our lock dates were going to change. All of this was based on coordinating parts with suppliers to ramp the Fisker Ocean throughout 2023. Our previous lock-in date was November 21, 2022, which happens to be tomorrow. However, like many future Fisker Ocean One owners, our new lock-in date is Q1 2023. Yes, that is a pretty vague date, but Fisker will narrow it down as we move into next year. We’ll also be notified 2-weeks before we can no longer change our build specifications (e.g., paint color, wheels, interior). According to Fisker, this change impacts all customers that have pre-ordered a Fisker Ocean even if their lock-in date has previously been locked.

In Fisker’s words…

We’ve Unlocked All Final Build Lock Dates

We have unlocked all final build lock-in dates to give everyone access to the 3D Configurator and all-new accessories. You can now view, edit, update, or add accessories to your vehicle build, even if your previous “final build lock date” has passed. (Currently available on web only).

You will also notice an update on how the estimate for your final build lock-in date is displayed in your account. Your new lock-in date estimate will now appear as a Calendar Quarter estimate (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4). We will update your account with an exact final build lock-in date as we get closer to production for your Ocean One.

Q1: January – March
Q2: April – June
Q3: July – September
Q4: October – December
This change will not have an adverse effect on your vehicle delivery timeline.

How Will I Know my Exact Final Lock-in Date?

Your account will update and display the final build lock-in date two weeks before we need you to confirm your final build. When your account updates, we will notify you via a series of emails to remind you to verify your vehicle build and accessories.

How Will I Know My Exact Delivery Date?

We will provide you with more detailed information in February. As your vehicle production date approaches, you'll receive a Calendar Quarter estimate that states the 3-month range we estimate your delivery will fall within. When more information becomes available, we will narrow your estimated delivery date by month, week, and exact delivery date.

The first 350 Ocean One owners can expect their Calendar Quarter estimate in February of 2023.
Once your estimated delivery month is known, you will receive your vehicle's digital signature number.
Soon after, you’ll receive a firm delivery date for your Fisker Ocean One!

Ringing the Bell at the NYSE

Fisker NYSE
Fisker listed on the NYSE.

One of the more exciting things on deck is that Fisker will ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday. We were invited and RSVP’d to the event. Since we’re currently sick with COVID we will not be making this event, but will be tuning into CNBC who will cover part of the event. Below is the itinerary the company sent to us. Like the test drive in Graz, Austria, this will be another great event put on by the company. If you get a chance to go, go, and please share your photos with us!

Fisker at the NYSE
We’re excited you are attending the opening bell ringing with us in NYC! To help you plan, we’ve included more information below.

When you arrive, enter through the white security tent at 18 Broad Street, located at the corner of Broad & Exchange Place. Please have a government-issued photo ID ready. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is no longer required.

DRESS CODE: Business Casual Attire Recommended.

7:30 - 8:00 am: Guests arrive at 18 Broad Street. Proceed to 2 Broad Street for security screening.
8:10 am: Group photo to be taken beneath the façade banner.
8:25 am: Guests are admitted to the event room. Continental breakfast provided.
9:00 am: NYSE Welcome Video plays.
9:05 am: Gift presentation and welcome remarks by NYSE Event Host. Brief remarks by Henrik Fisker.
9:15 am: Guests will move to the trading floor. Henrik will sign the Distinguished Guestbook on the trading floor.
9:30 am: The Opening Bell rings!
10:00 am: Guests will be invited to the Experience Square to explore the Fisker Ocean on display, grab a bite from our food truck, hit the dance floor, and snap a pic using the roaming Fisker photo booth!
11:00 am: End of Event.

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  1. I am puzzled, you always mention the CO2 neutral Magna factory. Then you are on a Cruise to the Bahamas ! The most CO2 unfriendly way to travel. So do not pretend to be too interested in saving the planet. ?

    1. FYI, the Disney Wish uses a combination of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and numerous advances in ship design. According to Disney, the Wish is estimated to be nearly 30% more fuel efficient and emit approximately 20 percent less greenhouse gases.?️?

      1. They will have to change ships way more to make them green. We will have to do it politically. We must vote for those who will push the green agenda. Because I know that I am no better. I picked a PHEV Mercedes because I Got it cheaper and with more power. Not because it supposedly were greener. ? And it will not help driving an EV if the power in the batteries comes from fossile fuels.

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