Fisker Ocean Deliveries, Opening of New Fisker Center+, More Experience Centers Coming Soon

Full speed in Norway as new Fisker Center+ opens, with more customer experience centers on the way, and customers take delivery of their Fisker Oceans.

Today, Fisker opened another new customer experience center in Europe, specifically in Oslo, Norway. During the official opening, Henrik Fisker himself cut the ceremonial red ribbon, personally delivered Fisker Oceans to the brand’s earliest owners in the country, and signed their vehicles.

Since last year, Fisker has actively participated in various car shows and clean tech events in Norway, including the Oslo Motor Show, Nordic EV Summit 2023, and Future of the Car 2023. Now, Norwegians have the opportunity to visit the experience center in the Oslo area and explore the Fisker Ocean at their convenience.

More Experience Centers Coming Soon

Fisker Experience Center in Oslo, Norway.
Fisker Experience Center in Oslo, Norway.

In Europe, a few Fisker Center+ locations are about to come online. Fisker will soon open more experience centers in Sweden, France, and Germany, one of Fisker’s largest markets, to benefit its customers. The Fisker Center+ Stockholm, Fisker Center+ Paris, and Fisker Center+ Frankfurt are the next in line.

Fisker hasn’t published store hours for these locations yet. However, we just noticed the address for the retail store in Paris popped up on Google Maps over the weekend. The Paris location will be on the outskirts of Versailles in Buc. Once Fisker opens these three retail stores, it will offer 10 experience centers for customers to explore, test drive, and reserve the Fisker Ocean across the European continent.

Photos from Fisker’s official opening of our Fisker Center+ Oslo with Henrik Fisker.

Henrik Fisker Visits Copenhagen Center+

Henrik Fisker talking with ride hailing company drivers at Fisker Center+ Copenhagen.
Henrik Fisker talking with ride-hailing company drivers at Fisker Center+ Copenhagen.

After the official ceremony at Fisker Center+ Oslo, Henrik Fisker headed south to Copenhagen, Denmark. He met with ride-hailing company drivers to discuss a special edition of the Fisker Ocean designed specifically for ride-hailing. Simultaneously, he personally delivered Ocean Ones to customers at his company’s Denmark Center+ location.

Henrik Fisker took to social media and enthusiastically stated, “Now in Denmark this evening, talking to the ride hailing company drivers about how we can create special editions of the Fisker Ocean, to fit there needs, so they can be more efficient and more profitable.” Henrik continued, “Now in Denmark delivering Fisker Ocean ONE’s.” In the photos, there are about a dozen vehicles waiting for their future Fisker Ocean owners!

This comes as Denmark wants to become the world’s best country to conduct business among the rapidly changing landscape. Henrik, and three Fisker Oceans, attended Dansk Erhvervs Årsdag 2023. The event focuses on generating solutions for companies to navigate a new world order marked by geopolitical shifts that are establishing a set of new standards for security policy, energy policy, and trade. Henrik appeared on stage to share and discuss his experiences.

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11 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Deliveries, Opening of New Fisker Center+, More Experience Centers Coming Soon

  1. That Paris location is quite a bit outside the center of Paris. Would have thought it would have been more central. I would question why the Audi dealership closed?

  2. Still waiting for my car in Texas…. Sigh. This rollout has been bad. Communication has been lackluster. Debating if the extreme edition is worth it at this point

  3. Hi Sean, Just had confirmation of delivery of my One for 1st week in October 😊 do you know the arrangements for warranty claims and servicing for Fisker? I’m in UK

  4. Hi Sean, looked at information but it doesn’t state where you would take the cars to be fixed? The closest Fisker centre from my location is about 2.5 hour drive!

  5. Interesting, so if anything goes wrong I email Fisker and then send a moblie service technician super quick!
    I really hope that the first time I’ve ever bought a new car isn’t going to disappoint, trying to stay positive due to to Fiskers commitment to sustainability.

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