Fisker Ocean Across Europe, Playing in Snow, Kelly Blue Book, Stealth Wheels, Lock Dates, & More

This week in Fisker was full of Fisker Ocean appearances across Europe and playing in the snow out in Park City, Utah.

Two Fisker Oceans playing in the snow (Park City, Utah).
Two Fisker Oceans playing in the snow (Park City, Utah).

Today, we’re 73 days since the start of Fisker Ocean production in Graz at Magna Steyr. We also happen to be less than 12-hours away before the next lock date for a group of Fisker Ocean One customers. That’s right, January 30th is the next lock date for some customers that pre-ordered the limited edition launch vehicle. When this group of Ocean One customers wakes up tomorrow morning they will no longer have the ability to edit their build. Exciting, and err, nerve-racking! (Hope you pick the right exterior color, interior, and wheels!)

Fisker Ocean wheels, range, and homologation

Fisker sent us new details about our Fisker Ocean wheel selection. We think the 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels in black look great! We also learned they offer similar aerodynamics like the 20″ AeroStealth wheels. This is great news since the 22″ wheels will get less range than 20″ wheels. Speaking of range, we are waiting for range estimates from the EPA and WLTP. We thought these details may be released by the end of January. Now it’s likely we will get range updates next month, either during Fisker’s upcoming Q4 2022 earnings call or when homologation is completed.

Playing in the snow

We streamed Episode 13 of All-Things Fisker this week. We touched on the Fisker Ocean out in Park City. In the ski town, you got to see a lot of photos and video of the Fisker Ocean including the Stealth wheels. We learned they are the same thing as the AeroStealth wheels without the dark gray covers. Also, we learned about pre-conditioning on the Fisker Ocean, which remotely turns on all Winter Mode features and schedule timing to warm the cabin.

Fisker Ocean in Europe

Fisker also announced a couple events out in Europe. Yes, the Fisker Ocean European Road Tour continues! The Fisker Ocean is now on display in Oberhausen, Germany at the Westfield Mall. The Fisker Ocean will also be in Stockholm, Sweden at the eCarExpo next weekend. Henrik Fisker will make an appearance and talk about “A Clean Future for All” and his company’s flagship electric SUV. We also saw the Fisker Ocean in London this morning and Copenhagen yesterday.

Fisker shares downgraded and rise

Fisker stock rose this week following Lucid buyout rumors and a solid Tesla earnings report. Shares were up 15.46% for the week. The stock closed higher by 14.96% on Friday. After crunching some numbers, this is the largest single day increase for Fisker stock since a week before the start of Fisker Ocean production. On November 10th, 2022, Fisker shares climbed 22.89%, which was the largest increase for the stock in 2022. Fisker shares traded over 10% only five days throughout last year. All of this after the stock was downgraded by Morgan Stanley earlier in the week.

Listed in Kelley Blue Book and insurance providers

The 2023 Fisker Ocean is now listed on Kelley Blue Book. All trim options are available for selection in their car value calculator. We also saw the Fisker Ocean take over the Kelley Blue Book homepage yesterday morning as a sponsored ad. This is probably the best placement we’ve seen by the Fisker team anywhere online. We also found out that the Fisker Ocean is now listed with some insurance providers including Geico and USAA. That means you can now get insurance quotes for your soon-to-be new electric SUV.

Favorite topics on Fiskerati Forums

Join the discussion on Fiskerati Forums — it’s free! It’s typically the first place where we talk about all-things Fisker. This week there was good discussion about the Fisker Ocean. Some of our favorites included new info about the EV Tax Credit and banter over the SolarSky Roof. We are so lucky to have such a thoughtful and respectful community even when topics get heated. If you haven’t already joined the forums, we welcome you with open arms — what are you waiting for!?

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