Fisker EV Lineup Moving at Hyper Speed

Fisker Ocean Moving at Hyper Speed

Fisker is moving at “hyper” speed as it continues to rapidly develop its EV lineup with the Ocean, PEAR, RŌNIN, and pickup truck.

The company is moving at a very quick pace. As Fisker Ocean enters pre-production, the company has moved into “hyper” product development mode. This is a proprietary and revolutionary approach to automotive development. It will allow Fisker to bring electric vehicles to market within 2-years from start to finish. Typically, legacy automakers take about five years to bring a new car to market. The company is proving this process with the Fisker Ocean. However, it needs to start production on time in November 2022.

Fisker PEAR, RŌNIN, and pickup truck

Fisker Truck!?
Early 2020 photo of Fisker Pickup Truck in development.

In addition to the Fisker Ocean electric SUV, the company is currently working on a handful of EVs. Fisker wants to expand its product line up ahead of 2025. First, we’ve seen the Fisker PEAR, a compact five-passenger urban vehicle. Second, the Fisker RŌNIN, a super-sports sedan. Third, glimpses of a new segment changing lifestyle pickup truck. The company said each new EV in its lineup will utilize durability-tested platforms. Additionally, the new EVs will use battery packs and component systems from . They will be provided from industry-leading technology suppliers and automotive firms.

Update on Fisker’s EV product pipeline

Latest photo of Fisker’s entire EV lineup that is in the works.

Last week, we received an update on Fisker’s EV product pipeline. We learned the company’s second EV had its design concept signed off. The PEAR will consist of at least three derivatives. For example, Henrik mentioned another derivative of PEAR will be a Jeep Wrangler like vehicle. The goal is to reach 1 million units a year by 2027 with the PEAR platform. This vehicle is expected to be manufactured by Foxconn in Lordstown, Ohio.

Codenamed Project Ronin, this EV will be an innovative, high-tech all-electric GT sports car. The Fisker RŌNIN will have a battery pack integrated into the structure. This will provide more efficiency and lower weight. Fisker expects to deliver the world’s longest range in a production vehicle with this EV. The GT sports car will have a range over 550 miles. Ronin will have a starting price just under $200k. The Fisker Ronin will debut in person on August 2023. Production is to follow in the second half of 2024.

Fisker is on track to build an incredible EV lineup for just about every consumer type. This will give Fisker the best chance to grab share in what is to be a competitive EV market. You could say the company will have its hands full over the next few years. One thing is for certain, the company is racing at hyper speed to the year 2025.

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