Fisker Lounges Opening Fall 2022

Fisker Brand Experience Center (The Grove, Los Angeles, CA)

Fisker Lounges are where you will get to learn all about and experience the Fisker Ocean for the very first time including test drives.

Fisker Brand Experience Center (The Grove, Los Angeles, CA)
Fisker Lounge at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA.

Today, Fisker updated its investor presentation to introduce Fisker Lounges. Previously, Fisker talked about these as Brand Experience Centers.

The Fisker Lounge will be where you experience the Fisker Ocean for the very first time. You will get to learn about about the electric SUV. Each location will offer Fisker Ocean test drives.

The first Fisker Lounge will open in Fall 2022 in Los Angeles, CA at The Grove. The Grove is an outdoor shopping experience filled with well-known brands. Fisker will be occupying the former Apple Store location at this open air mall. The Fisker Lounge at this location will feature a two-floor showroom, including knowledgable Rådgivers (advisors) to answer all of your questions.

Also, Fisker will be opening up its second Fisker Lounge location in Munich, Germany at the historic Marienplatz later this year. The company will then open Fisker Lounge locations in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Miami, London, Copenhagen, Vienna, and Paris. Fisker will announce more Lounges in 2023 after Fisker begins to ramp production.

We look forward to visiting our first Fisker Lounge later this year in Southern California. Maybe these “Lounges” will offer coffee, pastries, or maybe a martini and appetizers, and comfy couches to admire the Fisker Ocean and speak with Rådgivers! Let us know in the comments what you think about the new name for the Fisker Brand Experience Centers. Do you like the idea of a “lounge”?

More Changes to Fisker’s Investor Presentation

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11 thoughts on “Fisker Lounges Opening Fall 2022

  1. They need to open one in the central U. S. so we don’t have to drive over 900 miles to one of the coasts to see one.

    1. No reason to have expensive showcases like this. Seems like a big money pit project thats not justified. How are you going to offer compete with other EV companies and launch a new brand at a profitable and competitive price point. Doest jive with the Fisker Pear, etc.

      1. Dave, I disagree,
        Not everyone shopping for an EV has seen/heard of Fisker yet and what better way than seeing one in person? I may be old school, but i loved going to dealerships with my old man and seeing/smelling/sitting in the new cars was always a highlight- one that can not be replicated online. I am sure these are also short term leased facilities with probably 3-6 month leases so they won’t cost that much to run- and quite often they take over existing leases in locations that were vacated by other businesses who needed to close shop for one reason or another.

  2. Denver could be next in US – major hub to get to in one flight from many places. Then Chicago. Just guesses…

  3. Gotta have them. Of course, Los Angeles first. Wonder how many of the orders are from California, especially Southern.

    1. Based on visitors to our site Mark, So Cal is #1 in the world! Something tells me that translates to reservation holders and those that pre-ordered Ocean One (and now the other trims). There is a big crowd of members on Fiskerati Forums from So Cal too.

  4. For a launch project, it’s absolutely necessary. It doesn’t have to be forever, but an introductory presentation is beter than hiding on a website. Website traffic is so limiting. Clients who want to buy a fleet of cars will want to see the car.

  5. Given the new law regarding federal incentives, it’s really important to get as many people as possible a chance to see, feel, and yes, test drive the OCEAN as possible. I, for one, can’t afford to buy a “pig in a poke”. But I might have to look elsewhere if I miss out on that incentive. I’m very excited about the OCEAN but have to make do with something else if I can’t afford it due to a lack of incentive.

  6. People are saying EV’s are expensive but they pay $70k for a 9 mpg i.c.e truck ? the great human brain has failed us

What are your thoughts?