Fisker Lounges Delayed

Fisker Lounge Brand Experience Center Los Angeles CA The Grove

Fisker Lounges get delayed again due to supply chain issues with building materials as the company aims to open them in March 2023.

Fisker Experience Centers are Coming Soon
Mock up of Fisker Lounge at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA.

Today, we learned from Henrik Fisker on social media that Fisker Lounges are delayed again. Fisker is having a difficult time getting materials to build out their experience centers. Clearly, the company is struggling with building its physical retail locations. Real estate construction has been harder for the company than originally planned. However, it appears everything is on track for official start of production on November 17th as we reported earlier this morning.

Fisker Lounge Coming March 2023

Fisker Brand Experience Center (The Grove, Los Angeles, CA)
Fisker Lounge experience center in the background at The Grove (Los Angeles, CA).

Originally, Fisker committed to opening its first experience center at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA in the Summer of 2022. However, Henrik broke news in June that there would be delays. He cited issues procuring building supplies and city permits. At the time, he said there would be a worldwide opening of experience centers in November 2022. Unfortunately, that date has slipped again.

Fisker is now aiming to open The Grove location in March 2023. The company plans to use Fisker Lounges for “brand building” in the first half of 2023. Then, Fisker will use its physical retail experience center locations for taking reservations and letting customers experience the Fisker Ocean. This includes test driving the electric SUV, seeing and touching materials like paint colors, interior, and wheel options.

Keeping Customers Happy

Fisker Ocean Magna Off The Line
Fisker Ocean in Silver Lining off the line at Magna Steyr.

As of today, Fisker has over 61,000 reservations, which includes 5,000 non-refundable deposits for the Ocean One. The Ocean One is the first model Fisker, and partner Magna Steyr, will begin producing next month. This gives the company some leeway since Fisker Lounges are more critical for customers that have reserved or pre-ordered an Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport.

Last week, the company delayed the launch of its next-gen Fisker Ocean configurator. That is pretty critical for some customers that have pre-ordered the Ocean One. If the company wants to keep customers happy, and convert the lion share of its reservations, it will need to deliver a stellar Fisker Ocean configurator in the near-future. We look forward to Fisker’s update next week on their Q3 2022 earnings call.

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14 thoughts on “Fisker Lounges Delayed

  1. What are they doing? Gold plating the lounges? These delays are becoming ridiculous! Most buyers just want to see and drive the vehicle. We don’t need Italian marble and reclaimed bird’s eye maple flooring.

    1. Here is my opinion Henry Fisker does.not sell vegetables he takes an enormous pride in his work as most would present lesser to achieve his eye is present certainty produce quality results
      delays are are knowing circumstances are not efficient towards successful results and until then delays are necessary towards
      Efficiency reliability and presentable products
      Would you wear pockets and no pants because you have money no so don’t expect greatness to dismiss one’s self patience be prepared and ready

  2. Delayed Lounges. Delayed 3D Configurator. Demonstrates a pattern of over promising and under delivering. Also make you wonder what else is going to be delayed. Just a concerned Ocean One reservation holder and Fisker stock owner here.

  3. Lounges delayed, new configuration delayed! Will they prepare us for: Productions start delayed, delivery dates (not yet known) also delayed?

  4. Delayed lounges and important details about a car which production is supposed to start in 3 weeks not disclosed yet… Nobody out of the company has driven/tested/evaluated a final production car so, we don’t have reliable reviews about the car, etc. what’s really going on?

    1. Your wrong in your comment the ocean has been tested several weeks ago there were several pre production vehicles on the road in California and the results were strongly in favor of success FYI

    2. i am austrian, with connections to magna because of my work, as i heard there are electrical problems which are not fixed up to now….

  5. It feels like an excuse to blame this on construction materials. A 4-5 month delay at the last minute?

    Polestar, for example, only needed an old light-industrial unit to demo their working cars in the UK.

  6. I recall Fisker saying there would be test drives by journalists in the summer but that hasn’t happened either. It seems Fisker is going to reach SOP without one outsider ever driving an Ocean.

  7. Many won’t buy a vehicle without seeing and driving it. For ergonomic reasons alone, a test drive is imperative. Once the 5000 Ocean Ones are built, does Fisker really think many reservation holders will convert to a sale without a test drive? Maybe, but many will stay on the sidelines.

  8. Hard to believe every lounge location has the same building supply and permit issues. My guess for the delays is OS/UI taking much longer to complete. A poor user UI would get destroyed during a car review/test drive. Software is always the hardest part to finish on time. All we’ve seen so far are video loops.

What are your thoughts?