Fisker is a Lifestyle Brand in the Making

Roadtrip anyone?

Fisker is on its way to become a lifestyle brand like many other global brands.

The writing is on the wall. Fisker has big ambitions. The company wants to become more than an electric vehicle maker. It has its sights set on something bigger, building a lifestyle brand just like Apple has done. It has even pulled a page out of the Apple playbook. The company focuses on design and customer experience and leaves the manufacturing to its partners.

Fisker’s mission uses the words, “most emotional and sustainable.” This is all about design. The company uses lifestyle imagery on its website and mobile apps. It has a webpage dedicated its brand. It’s a smart strategy to differentiate itself. Fisker needs to set itself a part. There will be dozens of companies bringing EVs to the market over the next few years.

Fisker’s mission is to create the world’s most emotional and sustainable vehicles, helping to build a clean future for all.

Fisker’s mission
Lifestyle imagery used on Fisker’s website.

Similarities between Fisker and Apple

At Apple, the company’s focus is no longer on hardware or software. Apple is a fashion company, a lifestyle brand. In every advertisement or commercial, Apple focuses on design, the role of design is style by definition. For instance, Apple uses design to define fashion. Think of all the different color iPhones or iPods from back in the day. This allows them to offer its customers style, a way of life. Fisker is doing the same thing with the Fisker Ocean.

If you ever followed Apple, you should be very familiar with the name Jony Ive. For the longest time, Apple used Jony Ive (Chief Design Officer), as the frontman of their keynotes. He talked eloquently about the design of the company’s products. Moreover, Apple’s design has helped them create an emotional connection with its customers. Thus, turning the company into a lifestyle brand. Similarly, the imagery used in Fisker’s marketing resembles that of what is used at Apple.

Henrik Fisker is like the Jony Ive of automotive design

Henrik Fisker is a lot like Jony Ive at Apple. One could argue he is the Johny Ive of automotive design. First, he is a master at his craft using design to create an emotional connection with customers. Second, Henrik Fisker is a world renowned design. Henrik is responsible for designing the BMW Z8. He has also designed some of the world’s most prolific cars. For example, Henrik designed the Aston Martin DB9, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Artega GT, Fisker Karma, Viking motorcycle, and Fisker Ocean. All of these vehicles are beautifully designed.

As a result, customers resonate with design. It’s the best way for them to create an emotional connection with a vehicle. In a recent internal survey of reservation holders mentioned on the company’s Q4 2021 earnings call. The #1 reason customers want to purchase a Fisker Ocean is design followed by sustainability.

Here is the bottomline

To sum it up, like Apple has done with computers and phones, to what Fisker will do with electric vehicles. Fisker is on a path to create more than an electric vehicle company. The company is all about design and using it to create an emotional product that customers need. In conclusion, we believe Fisker is a way of life and an up and coming lifestyle brand. And on top of it all, there may even be a strategic partnership someday between the two companies.

This “#powercouple” used in Fisker marketing, is just as important as the Fisker Ocean.

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