Fisker Flexee App Ranking & Downloads #Week8

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The Fisker Flexee App saw a handful of new ratings, downloads appear down across the board week over week.

We’ve captured week 8 of app store ratings and rank (downloads). We also included a couple recommendations for the Fisker Product Manager who manages the mobile apps. We have so many recommendations for the customer experience when it comes to the Fisker Flexee mobile apps. Our recommendations will need to wait until a future date when we have more time.

Weekly App Store Ratings

App store rankings didn’t see much movement in terms of ratings WoW from Week 7. The Apple App Store app received 5 new ratings. 328 app reviews (+5 WoW), with an overall 4.9 star rating. The star rating for the iOS app decreased by 0.1 star WoW. Google Play app received 4 new ratings. 229 total app reviews (+4 WoW), with an overall 4.4 star rating with no change WoW.

Recommendation for Fisker Product Manager

We have a couple recommendations to improve ratings. Increasing app reviews will improve app store visibility. It will convince new users to download the app and to obtain more customer feedback. Apple and Google have a similar method to invoke a review modal in the app. Users can then quickly review the app. We’ve all seen them in other apps. Why not in the Fisker Flexee app? With 72k app registrations and 32k reservations, these #’s should be much higher.

Quick mock up of the review modal to improve app store reviews.

First, have the review modal popup based on usage (i.e., third time the user opens the app). Second, display a “Review App” button on the Home screen after the user reserves their Fisker Ocean or PEAR.

Also, the Fisker Flexee iOS app logs us out rather quickly. We open the app a few times a week and need to sign in each time. Increase session timeout and enable Face ID. That will make the customer experience better and improve app ratings.

Another thought, why is the app called Fisker Flexee? Why not just “Fisker,” since the lease program is named Fisker Flexee Lease. As a product manager, you will probably want users to come back to the Fisker app regularly, whether to interact with their Fisker Ocean or to upgrade features. The Flexee part of the current name doesn’t make sense to us. Brand the app as Fisker and keep the Flexee branding specific for the lease. Simplifies the message.

We could go on and on and probably will at some point.

Apple App Store Rank

Looking at the WoW data from week 7, the iOS app declined in rank. Sweden appeared last week and it dropped off. There are now two countries in the Top 500. Norway fell from 178 and Denmark 234 to 217 and 422 respectively.

Fisker Flexee App Ranking for iOS (Source:

Google Play Rank

On Google Play, still two countries in Top 100, seven in both Top 500 and Top 1,000. France fell off the list WoW. Canada was the only country where the app increased Wow from 127 to 121. All other countries declined in rank.

Fisker Flexee App Ranking for Android (Source:

Mobile World Congress kicks off in about 1-hour from now. We should see lots of European press and a spike in app downloads.

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