Fisker Finance: Rates Tick Down and Fisker Appears on Chase Auto Website

Rates ticked lower to finance a Fisker Ocean through Fisker Finance while Fisker now appears in various places on the Chase auto website.

Fisker Ocean with Big Sur Blue exterior (Southampton, New York).

Today, we are pleased to discover interest rates on Fisker Finance have recently decreased, making financing for a Fisker Ocean more affordable. The annual percentage rate (APR) has decreased by approximately 0.50% across all loan terms. For instance, as of today, the APR for a 60-month auto loan through Fisker Finance with excellent credit is now 5.81%, down from 6.3% just one month ago. This is particularly noteworthy as interest rates had actually increased by 0.25% on March 22nd, 2023. The updated rates on Fisker Finance provide an even more competitive financing option for customers interested in owning a Fisker Ocean.

Fisker Finance APR – April 7th, 2023

MonthsExcellent (800+)Very Good (740-799)Good (700-739)
Fisker Finance rates as of April 7th, 2023.

Expect interest rates to fluctuate

Five year chart of the Fed Funds Rate.

The recent update on financing options is good news for Fisker customers. However, it’s important to keep in mind that interest rates may change before customers finance their Fisker Ocean One, Extreme, Ultra, or Sport trim. As of now, the Fed Funds Rate in the US, which is determined by the Federal Reserve, stands at 5%. Although, we are approaching the next interest rate decision, scheduled for May 3rd, 2023. It is expected to result in another increase of 0.25% in the Fed Funds Rate. This means that the APR for auto loans offered through Fisker Finance, and other lenders, is likely to change once again in light of the upcoming interest rate adjustment.

Applying for Fisker Finance Auto Loan

Fisker Ocean on display in California Mode.

Fisker has yet to announce the opening date of Fisker Finance for customers in the United States. However, it’s expected to align closely with the production and shipment of electric SUVs for the US market. This week, Fisker shared promising news for US customers. The company stated that testing for the Fisker Ocean has been successfully concluded. Fisker is now awaiting EPA approvals and has tentatively set the start of production for US customers for the first week of May.

On the other hand, European customers will have the opportunity to apply for financing through Fisker Finance ahead of US customers. The production ramp-up for Fisker Oceans, intended for European delivery, is scheduled for April 20th later this month. This means that European customers will have access to Fisker Finance auto loans before customers in North America. Santander Bank is Fisker’s primary financing partner in Europe, whereas Fisker has partnered with Chase Bank in the United States.

Fisker Pops Up on Chase Auto Website

Another exciting development in terms of financing is that Fisker now appears on the Chase auto website. Fisker has a presence in at least three sections of the auto portion of the site. For instance, Fisker is now listed in the dropdown menu of the Chase Auto Loan Calculator. However, due to the special financing relationship between Fisker and Chase, customers are directed to visit the Fisker website for further details. The statement on the Chase website reads, “We have a special financing relationship with Fisker, so please check their programs and apply directly with them.” This is nice to see because it helps create brand exposure for customers shopping for a new car. We expect a streamlined process through Fisker’s website or mobile app when their financing product launches.

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