Fisker EV Charging Network Partner Allego Goes Public & Electrify America Makes STEM Investment

EV charging networks, partnered with Fisker in the United States and Europe, keep expanding their footprints to increase electric vehicle adoption.

Yesterday Allego, a leading pan-European EV charging network, went public after completing its business combination with Spartan Acquisition Corp. III. The EV charging network company will receive approximately $161 million of gross proceeds to keep expanding its charging footprint. Allego and Fisker both have something in common, the company that took each of them public through a business combination with their SPAC. Fisker went public with Spartan in October 2020.

Fisker shareholders own a piece of Allego

In July 2021, through their SPAC connection, Fisker made a $10 million investment in Allego through a private investment in public equity with $SPAQ. At the time, Allego agreed to deliver a range of charging options for Fisker customers in Europe. If you live in Europe, chances are your Fisker Ocean SUV will have a software integration with Allego charging stations to create a seamless customer experience like that with Electrify America.

Electrify America and Fisker

Fisker now has two partnerships with electric vehicle charging networks to cover customers both across the United States and throughout Europe. At the end of 2019, Fisker teamed up with Electrify America, the largest open DC Fast charging network for EVs in the United States backed by Volkswagen, to offer Fisker Ocean customers a frictionless charging experience. The Fisker Ocean will be able to charge for 30 minutes and obtain 200 miles of range without compromising battery life. This week Electrify America announced investments in STEM programs to teach younger generation about the electrical vehicles of tomorrow.

Two EV charging networks have you covered

Electrify America and Allego each have enough coverage across the United States and 12 European countries to remove range anxiety customers may have to adopt electric vehicles. To date, Electrify America has more than 670 charging stations across the United States, with nearly 2,900 individual DC fast chargers. Allego operates one of the largest European charging networks with more than 28,000 charging ports at about 760 locations. Both companies plan to continue to rapidly expand their EV charging networks in the years to come.

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